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  1. wtf isnt everyone jealous of cloud

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    • Right? I don’t know why someone assumed that I hated cloud, unless they basically only followed cloud’s blog and never saw any others


      • everyone just wants to start dramatic stuff here
        it’s stupid
        i remember once that someone started an argument when friend X refused a mymall trade (like they were gonna trade but then she changed her mind) and then friend Y was super mad and made a really huge deal about it lol

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  2. ♬ ❀Ameee❀ ♬

    not really
    man if you were here in the erlier stages of this coomunity there were so many fights over the stupidest things
    I can name a few
    //a person tried to trade mark a face “:v” that one or i think it might be this one “<:"???
    not sure
    and then there was the usual
    //using the same theme as me
    //same font color omg
    and a bunch of other stuff
    sorry this turned into a small rant lmao

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  3. people are always looking for problems to start

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  4. Don’t lump me into a group of jealous people the only thing I’m jealous of are the people holding hands with daesung.


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