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  1. hee hee hee i’ll do it, tysm for tagging, anna 😉
    and btw fantage isn’t working for anyone. ;-; RIP your side accounts.

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  2. can i use vaseline or nivea lip balm? I don’t like/buy eos….


    • Really? Most girls are obsessed lol
      Personally I don’t care for EOS, I use Nivea lmao

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      • haha
        i use nivea as well, my favorite lip balm
        i’m ok with burt’s bees though…
        but nothing can be better than the glorious VASELINE
        and i’m being serious.
        if you put on vaseline before you go to bed when your lips are chapped, they are gloriously silky smooth in the morning.


        I use lip balm and then I place Vaseline over top when my lips are dry af

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      • haha 🙂
        we are twinsies of different worlds


  3. “spread yourself with EOS lip balm”
    are you trying to kill me?

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  4. ♬ ❀Ameee❀ ♬

    crying bc I’m too poor for eos lip balm
    //passionately stores my 5 jars of vaseline

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  5. I don’t have EOS lip balm, but I’ll do this tag in a little while! 😛


  6. “Watch the world burn…”
    Sounds fun! 😀

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  7. Anna new lims are out, can we set up a time for me to gift them to you as repayment? They are pretty cute-well one of them is.


  8. icic u told me dis sinister plan in skipee


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