My Fantage Anniversary

So if you stalk the comments on FM, you’ve seen me in the Trendsetters list, or you’ve heard me mention this somewhere else, you probably know today is the first anniversary of my joining Fantage. If you’re curious about what my first impression of it was, you can read my post about Fantage on my old BV blog here. Of course I had no idea what MyMall was for a couple of weeks and ended up not doing anything with my permissions, I didn’t really know what I was doing for Chocolate Factory (the event going on when I joined), and I didn’t figure out how to level up for a few days, but somehow I managed to end up getting pretty much all my dream items, getting membership (thanks again, Casey!), passing level 1000, and joining FTWP. 😛

I also want to point out that while I might have sounded incredibly stupid in that last paragraph, I DID know to save my eCoins when I could.

Anyway, this was my first Fantage picture (and my first outfit):

my first Fantage pic

I still like that dress and that hair, but I prefer my “signature” hair… I should probably also point out that I didn’t keep those brown eyes for very long. I moved to the big anime-esque eyes something like a day after I joined. 😛

And, finally, this is how I look now. Yes, I purposely went to LeShop to take that picture because the first one was there, too.


I start playing Fantage and I can’t get eCoins quickly enough to get new outfits, and now I have a ton of clothes and no real interest in anything I don’t already have… Sigh. At least we get halfway decent LeShop items tomorrow or on Thursday.

Sooooo yeah. Happy anniversary, me. 😛 And I’m sorry if you’ve been wanting me to post more, but I really don’t do a lot on Fantage, plus I haven’t had the motivation to make fashion posts. I’ll try to post more, though. *shrugs*



About Marina

Why do the people who get to the ending of Mii Trek not want to discuss it…like, at all? Sheesh…

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  1. happy anniversary vaseline bud


  2. Happy anniversary!
    Man, your style changed a lot throughout the year. 😮
    I’m not sure how much I changed. :I


    • Thanks! 😀
      Really? I don’t think it did THAT much. What changed was the types of items I could afford to have, really. 😆 But you never do realize how much you’ve changed, do you… (just in general)
      Well, we learned that…uh…Rop is an asshole! So that’s good. 😛
      BTW, I’m on BRD right now.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah, time just flies, doesn’t it.
    Happy anniversary!


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