Marina’s MyMall Adventures

I know you guys are used to Casey doing these, but this girl I just had the “pleasure” of talking to was so idiotic, I felt I had to share this story.

So I went to MyMall today and, almost right away, this girl started screaming “IS SO-AND-SO A SCAMMER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” only with a lot of “awesome”s attached. So I started saying “no trade no problem” like I normally do when there’re people whining about scamming. And…the girl got really mad at me and told me to GTFO. So I said it was her fault if she got scammed. Guess what her reply was?

“But I have Instagram!”

Yes, Instagram magically protects you from being scammed now. It doesn’t matter if someone tries to get you to give them movie star hair for the minimum price in exchange for fake money or something. Nope, if you have Instagram, you’re all good! -_-

…Seriously, the amount of stupidity in MyMall is astounding. 🙄




About Marina

Why do the people who get to the ending of Mii Trek not want to discuss it…like, at all? Sheesh…

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  1. Wowww
    I guess people here think Insta is just some magical thing that prevents scammers
    //slow claps


    • THINK?! Oh, no, it’s DEFINITELY true! Instagram, a website completely unaffiliated with Fantage, has the power to protect Fantagians from being scammed! Somehow! Yep, this is definitely not total bullcrap or anything! 😮

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  2. oh
    so i can trade my account for every single fgc item?
    and i can go first?
    who cares if it’s a well-known scammer and hacker that i’m trading with?
    i can’t get scammed guys
    i have insta
    i am safeguarded
    i’m all good

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  3. can people like not trade lol
    tbh i feel like making a post ranting about how i don’t hate scammers
    because in the end, it’s your fault if you get scammed man, unless the person was a trusted friend.

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  4. amazing
    instagram is the new God
    i’ll give my password to everyone
    but dont worry
    i wont get hacked
    i have instagram to protect me


  5. XD they think because they ask “do I scam ? ” or “Does ___ Scam that everyone’s going to tell the truth.


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