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  1. THANK YOU. 😀
    And a lot of popular items are ugly… Especially the “blonde” hairs… -_-

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  2. i remember i once asked for an item and the person offered and i was like “no thanks”
    and she got really pissed off and started calling me a bitch
    like pls i just politely refused the item and she just starts swearing at me like cmon

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    thank you so much for this ❤
    This have always been on my mind
    every since people started hating on fantage
    glad you have the guts to say this uwu~

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  4. Thanks for this post omg
    Thank you
    T H A N K S


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  6. This is so true. People really should start to learn that Fantage needs to make money to keep running the site itself, so this why they do all of these gold events. I personally wouldn’t ever use my money for a virtual site, but that doesn’t mean I or other people who don’t, should hate on others who do. :/


  7. The member thing use to be a huge thing back then and I’ve seen it so I guess that image just carried on although i never see it happen anymore. It might have been because before it was harder to get good items and I use to watch bae tryouts and all that other stuff and usually the members would get picked so that could be reason why there’s so much hate. Kids these days are so rude like they need to calm down it’s just a game they like forget that real people are behind the screen. Great post !


  8. I don’t get it.
    Why can’t people have their own sides and opinions?
    We get it, we understand that “this” has to do with “that” and we’re mad and all, but can we just..take our own sides on things?
    People have different point-of-views, and we all have our own take on things. Sometimes, it’s not that we don’t get why, it’s because we know why and have a few things to say about it.
    And I know you’re probably gonna say this isn’t even relevant to the post, or that my comment doesn’t even make any sense, but okay, whatever.

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    • Your comment honestly doesnt, regardless if you have different opinions or not if you’re hating a group of people for these reasons you are stereotyping them and being blind. Some of them could be the sweetest people out there, you don’t even know. You can judge a person by their actions but why judge an entire group by one person? Especially when you don’t know every single person.


  9. i feel really bad about the fantage business part..i complain


  10. Ok, I agree with you on most of these opinions, but you can’t just tell people to shut up and use their brains. That just brings in a whole lot more hate.


  11. 🍁Boltie Crystal Blossom🍁

    Amen. That’s all I can say. Amen.


  12. ❀ ♬ Sarah ❀ ♬

    Thank you! ❤
    #so true


  13. It’s true that they need people to buy gold… but I’m still a little upset about them almost completely discarding ecoins? I mean, you can use them for shop items, but they’re not as easy to obtain as some people think. I can’t even afford shop items with my 2k ecoins lol. I kept thinking to myself, “What if Fantage put event items up for ecoins and gold, then made both kinda hard to get…? Then people could be buying one or the other or both… which equals more money?” Unless my thinking is wrong lmao.
    And yes, Club Penguin…. don’t even get me started. I mean, I quit that game a while ago, but SO MANY of the shop items are for members, and really everything, like it’s extreme. But whatever lol, not that I care too much if I’m not playing.
    And I don’t think people are item whores just because they have popular items. I mean, I have tons of coined stuff that everyone seems to want, and I’m not trying to show off or anything, I just like those items. I’ve never scammed, I actually worked for everything I have. As for “being mean” because you reject someone’s offer… that’s no reason to accuse someone of being rude. They don’t want to spend their precious gold, so deal with it lol. Sometimes people get mad at me because I don’t want to sell my “popular” items and they call me a hog or just get mad and delete me. XD


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