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  1. poor junhyeok, there’s really no blaming him tbh ;; A ;;
    it’s all thanks to his saesang fan :/

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  2. Even though I don’t listen to Kpop I’m going to support this. Bullying is on of the things I hate most and seeing someone, especially a celebrity, cry. Not saying I don’t really hate seeing people cry but celebrity’s, they usually get exposed to like the media and stuff.

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  3. Aww, I don’t have an account but I definitely mean to report it.
    Also, I really don’t understand what some blogs/websites are saying about this “dating scandal?” he was put in? If someone could gracefully explain…


    • About 7 weeks ago a girl said she was dating him, she posted similar pictures as he did minutes before he did. She had an and started explaining what it’s like to date junhyeok, her favorite member of the group was wonpil though. It started escalating between international fans and netizens (korean fans) who got angry at international fans for translating the relationship. International fans commented love and support on his instagram while netizens tore him apart. She later said she lied, she was never dating Junhyeok they just talked sometimes on social media and sort of knew each other because she went to a lot of the shows. She was also considered one of the prettiest netizen fans. A week or so later they were scheduled to do a concert in Korea. During the show, when any other member sang the netizens screamed and sang along. When it was Junhyeok’s turn, they were completely silent, which is why Junhyeok was crying at the concert. Aka, the video. Not a single netizen took photos or videos of Junhyeok either, causing international fans to be furious. International fans sent as much support as they could and netizens countered it with telling him to leave, that he was destroying day6. But this isn’t the first time netizens targettedhim. Months ago he posted a picture of a cartoon of an old man playing for money but instead getting “likes” netizens had become furious and his fan sites shut down causing him to delete his Twitter and Facebook. He’s been a target of netizens since debut.


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