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  1. Yea the” Last we have the “You didn’t even try.” don’t even look like they care about nons they just wanted to add items.

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  2. rainbowstar135

    the zack’s academy stuff does suck :/
    i actually like some of the other items you listed though….


  3. Hey, the 75 Star brown hair is actually kind of cute! 😛
    But bleh… Some of these pixel artists seem to have been sleeping through their lessons on what shading is. -_-


    • Some items are cute, but I’m criticizing the quality of the pixels. I mean, I think some items look good if they were actually done well.


  4. ♬ ❀Ameee❀ ♬

    kangaroo and the bear costume are my babies


  5. I actually really like the “What else do you expect?” ones ;w;
    simple pixeling is best pixeling
    okay those hairs are ugly
    but I don’t think it’s the pixeling (it’s actually pretty decent), I think it’s just the design of them overall~
    Totally agree, Fantage should actually hire some legit pixel artist -.-
    I have a feeling that the current pixel artist
    is some poor soul from the programming department that was forced to do the pixel art because Fantage was too laze to find a new pixel artist uwu

    btw~you’re missing a few

    some of these aren’t even pixeling -.-

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    • I think simple pixeling works for small items such as shirts and pants (in fact, all of the simple ones look great!) but it’s when the item looks large, and is supposed to stand out from the rest. I think some designs are good (I mean, I liked the designs of “what else do you expect?” Because really, they are simple and we can really expect more) but they would look a lot better if polished.
      Poor programmer ;-;

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    • Excuse me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see anything wrong with Corral Reef…


      • pixeling is way too detailed
        used way too many colours
        and way too saturated
        just looks like they draw it up digitally
        and shrunk it down to fantage size
        basically it looks like a mess in terms of pixel art, design is great tho~~<3


  6. someone hire robert please, hes the only legit pixelartist


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