I Am Going to Try Harder to Explain Why the Fantage Developers Are Being Dumb

I made a post previously and yet people still don’t fully agree.

So there are some people saying, “Fantage is business! They can make more money this way! It’s unfair how nons can get stuff without spending a penny!” And others are saying “well now there will be less scammers!”

We all know Fantage is business. Here’s the thing: They don’t just make money from membership. Plenty of other people buy gold, and I’ve seen people purchase gold instead of membership. Why? Because they like gold more than membership. Just because they’re not a member, doesn’t mean they have not supported the company before.

Now, if you do not allow users who do not pay monthly to have a “member” status on Fantage, they will feel less inclined to play it. No one wants to play a game where a company greedily asks for cash or you have no benefits.

I love Nintendo. Their games are fantastic. However, they did have a history of being bastards trying to squeeze more money from others! They content ID’d Youtube channels that played their games, or even reviewed it! That’s completely uncalled for, because they took no part in the video besides for being the creators of the game. They also barely spend time developing their games as well as before. As much as I’d love to play their games, I don’t feel inclined to support them.

Do you kinda see where I’m getting at? Sure, I still love their content, but I do not want to pay them all because they are greedy. Besides, being able to sell and buy items in MyMall was mainly why majority of the users on Fantage played it. Heck, I got premium membership a couple of times so I can increase my profits. I was thinking of getting another one soon, but now that Fantage is being greedy and unfair, I refuse to support their company now. Do you see the impact the developers are having now? This isn’t increasing their profits. They are getting people like myself to feel like we should stay away from that website.

Also, some people have just been playing for a long time, so of course they’re going to have good items and try selling off the ones they don’t need. Before I became a member, I had a crap ton of items that are worth a lot, just because I played since 2011. Oh, and some people are gullible enough to buy free items, but that’s their fault.

Now, let’s talk about scamming! The biggest reason why Fantage placed these restrictions! YAAAY!

…From what I’ve heard, the popular items haven’t had an increase on minimum price. LOL. And y’know, members can scam too… I’ve heard of members who scam. They exist. Just because they spend money, doesn’t mean they’re less likely to… (But it’s true that majority of scammers are nons.)



Also mini rant: I don’t hate scammers. Sure what they’re doing is rude and stuff, but it’s kinda the victim’s fault for trading with someone they just met. The risks are there, are you all so gullible? I’ve been through shit worse than being scammed of virtual money, (like rumours about me sending nudes to random guys on the internet, when it’s false) and I’m sure it applies to many other people. Welcome to the real world folks, not everyone is going to be nice. I understand if you’ve became close friends with someone and they take everything from you, but really most of these victims just trust any offers they get.

If you still have further complaints, I’d LOVE to debate with you. Please tell me if there are any reasons why this should have happened. I say more benefits to members instead, don’t remove them from nons!



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  1. It’s not a very efficient business practice. Furthermore, the majority of Fantagians are minors whose parents aren’t willing to spend money on a bunch of 1s and 0s, so who do Fantage think they’ll be able to bleed money from?

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  2. Mhm, literally all of my thoughts in this post too.

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  3. Thanks 😀
    I really needed this explanation
    I pretty much get it now
    Gonna go update my post

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  4. YESSS
    We absolutely NEEEEDD a practical trading system!
    “Why can’t Fantage let users trade Starred AND eCoined items together?”
    It’s like one of the ONLY reasons people go on Fantage nowadays, so why are you still ignorant, Fantage?

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  5. rainbowstar135

    Fantage should have been able to expect what would really come out of stealing probably the most important of nons’ privileges. :/

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  6. These were my exact thoughts. I was considering buying a membership as well but after this MyMall update I’m going to use my money to just buy some clothes lol. If someone got scammed, it’s their fault for even trading in the first place so why punish the honest non members who follow the rules..

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  7. There should totally be a trading system. Fantage says themselves that the scamming is a problem so why not just make a system where people can trade safely and it’s a win for everyone.

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  8. This is what I was talking about one time when I said fantage is a business and leave them be unless they go too far. They really shot themselves in the foot. Any website company should realize not a lot of their players have even the money to buy $10 gold so why would they buy anything else? They’re just killing themselves with this.

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    • I’m very tired right now and while I’d love to explain my thoughts in more detail, I’d probably just end up rambling nonsense, so…what Casey said, pretty much.
      And what are you talking about with Nintendo? Yes, some of their games are more…rushed these days (I’d point to Pokémon as a prime example, but I don’t remember exactly which company develops it), but they still make a lot of great games. Is the Content ID thing the thing on YouTube that tells you what game the video you’re watching is about? Because I was unaware people paid much attention to that… My main experience with it was when it kept saying people’s videos were about Blood Drive instead of [insert some other random Corpse Party game name here]. o_O

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      • Ayo ina I won’t be on tomorrow. I know this isn’t the place to say it but BRD isn’t working. Got work and going out with my friends.


      • Thanks for letting me know. I’m going to be out for a lot of tomorrow, too. 😛
        (Also, thanks for getting me the kiosk!)


      • To this day, Nintendo still tries to claim videos. They don’t take them down like Corpse Party, but they’re basically taking it so they get all of the money from their videos. This made a lot of let’s players stop playing their names. :U
        Sure there are some really good ones, but I find most games to be rushed nowadays. I mean, Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer basically used the same graphics, and just focused on homes. Animal Crossing Amiibo festival…. Oh boy…. Sucked.
        Not many games are in development for over a year, which is saddening because you need at least a year to make a really good game. *COUGH* POKEMON *COUGH*


      • I haven’t really heard of that, but then again, I don’t watch a lot of LPers. But aren’t Let’s Plays basically free advertising for whatever game is being played?
        Aren’t both of those spinoffs? And with ACHHD, I can at least understand them reusing graphics because of the sheer number of furniture items there are, plus the ACNL graphics aren’t too shabby, anyway. 😛 (With Amiibo Festival, I don’t have it, so I can’t comment on how good or bad it is.)
        In Pokémon’s defense, X and Y were in development for three years… Which…might not actually be in its defense, since they still sucked… Yeah… Then ORAS removed the one thing I liked in XY… Fun times… (Though, again, I’m not sure whether Nintendo or Game Freak is the one making the games.)


      • Game freak made the games. And trust me, X and Y wouldn’t have been in development for 3 years..
        ORAS didn’t have the battle frontier, which is an automatic “this game isn’t good.” Instead of making it a remake of Emerald but then making it so you catch Groudon/Kyogre first depending on what version you get, they decided to just copy Ruby and Sapphire (which sucked, imho. Emerald was superior in all ways.) I mean, they did the SAME exact thing with HGSS (basically made a Crystal remake but you caught the other legendary first), and it worked beautifully. They need to get their remake stuff together.


      • Uh, if another developer made a game, how is whether or not it’s rushed the fault of Nintendo…? Just curious.
        I remember reading somewhere that X and Y were indeed in development for three years. I think the quote did count the time they spent on concepts and planning and stuff like that, though, so I’m guessing the actual games were not in development for that long. After all, there was still BW2…
        ORAS was crappy. I don’t think anyone is going to argue with you there. 🙄 I do agree that HGSS was great, though. I think I spent an entire summer on that… 😛
        Honestly, I was annoyed when XY got announced since it meant Gen V would be coming to an end. But for Sun and Moon, I’m…cautiously optimistic. I mean, as long as they keep in character customization and/or don’t have terrible player character designs… And as long as they have a nice postgame… And voice chat, I guess…


      • I guess you’re right, but Nintendo owns game freak for the most part (not entirely), and they produce the games. They’ve allowed some trash game freak made.
        Extreme pokemon fans probably loved ORAS… But it had no battle frontier and I would love it if you could customize your character, but not entirely. Like being able to change your clothes and hair, but still look and be Brendan and May. (They could have possibly brought back their Emerald outfits, which are my favourite!)
        I’m not looking forward for Sun an Moon. Unless they leave yearly breaks until a new pokemon game, I am upset. I remember when you had to wait 2-3 years for a new one. Now it’s like a year…
        All I need in a pokemon game is the battle frontier and some other post game stuff, and probably a better than usual story for the main game. I will never enjoy pokemon like I used to (seeing how I’m older), but I can dream.


      • Yeah, the minute I found out ORAS had no character customization whatsoever, I became very, very uninterested in it. The bad news was I’d already bought the game by then…
        That’s why I liked BW and BW2… The story had some twists, and there was a fair amount of stuff to do postgame. I hope Sun and Moon will have that, but they probably won’t… Oh, well.
        WHY THE HELL IS YOUR PROFILE PIC MARSHAL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


      • Ever since Nunnally showed me Marshal, I just…
        He’s so fucking cute man. I’d love him if he wasn’t an animal.


      • WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
        I just didn’t see you as the Marshal type…
        Also, can you get on BRD?


  9. Yeah, I think they believe it’ll help increase their profits by more people buying membership, but really it’s going to hurt them, because
    1. People are getting mad and less likely to play/buy from Fantage.
    2. Less people spending gold

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  10. Instead of getting rid of non privileges, give more to the members! (like duh)
    and why can nons get mymall permissions for free but aren’t allowed to pay for it…?

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