Raising the Min?

So as everyone knows, Fantage raised the minimum price of all items below 1000 Gold to that amount.

…Or did they?

I was looking through the MyMall search, trying to find what Casey was selling so I would know what her kiosk was, and I came across a bunch of items up for…500 Gold. WTF?

so tiredneed sleep

(No, I’m not censoring these people’s names, because there is absolutely no reason for me to do that and you could find out who they were by *gasp* going to their kiosks. Or using the MyMall search function.)

I did some more sleuthing, and it turns out that I’m going to have to take back what I said earlier on BRD and in WP comments about Fantage being stupid and raising the minimum prices for items nobody cares about. That’s right, the crappiest LuckyBot and (possibly) Cody’s Crazy Combos items still have minimum prices of 500 Gold. (For the LuckyBot items, I can see why they did this, since LuckyBot items are given a Gold pricing based on their value/rank and raising the price for one group of said items would mess up that system entirely. But I digress.)

Everything else is still going for 1000 Gold and up, and Fantage is still stupid to have done what they did with the MyMall permission/kiosk thing in general, but hey, at least they realize nobody wants the crappy recolors of those jackets and sweaters and roller skates.


P.S. Happy early PM Weekend! You can read our tips and tricks for making the most out of your sudden membership here.


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Why do the people who get to the ending of Mii Trek not want to discuss it…like, at all? Sheesh…

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  1. Probably only the lame items and shop items


  2. Oh, yeah. What’s next?
    Inflation and those LB/CCC items are 2,000 at the minimum and all other items are 5,000.
    This prophecy is bound to become true at this rate of change on Fantage.


    • By the way, spring officially starts in two days (the 20th), so you guys might want to update your blog theme. 😛


    • Raising the minimum prices of POPULAR items is actually a good idea. It prevents people from trading them unless they’re swimming in Gold, and it makes sure people unfamiliar with MyMall don’t get completely ripped off when they decide to sell panda pullover or something. The problem with how Fantage approached the entire thing is that they treated all of the popular items worth less than 1000 Gold the same way they treated the other items – they just made their minimum prices 1000 Gold. You could even argue that that basically made the min for these items (well, the ones worth things like 540 or 900 Gold before) worth even less than it was before since they now have the same minimum price as 95% of items in MyMall. (I don’t know if that makes sense to you, sorry.)
      Also, I doubt the minimum prices will increase again. At the rate we’re going, Fantage will probably close MyMall down before that happens.


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