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  1. rainbowstar135

    That’s quite true…
    Pretty inspiring. :I
    good point

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  2. I guess people just want Fantage to benefit themselves, and get all their dream items and stuff for free, but then it wouldn’t really be a game anymore
    Idk, just my thoughts


    • Well BV had the same thing in a way. There were very popular items and only a few people had any items basically, yet even the people who were salty at the popular people held the game close to their hearts. But yeah, they probably do want Fantage to benefit them for free. But then hey, it wouldn’t be a business.

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  3. I don’t really hate Fantage, and I don’t want it to close down, but I’m not quite happy about the way they’re trying to gain money… I mean, it is a business and all, but in my personal opinion, I feel like they’re pushing it to the point it makes people unhappy rather than willing to pay… if you know what I mean? Although, I wouldn’t go as far as to want it to close down. I mainly go on Fantage to talk to my friends, and, of course, hang out with you awesome bloggers.

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  4. I think part of it has to do with age. According to Marina, the BV community had a lot of teenagers, thus making them mature. And it appeared that a lot of people knew each other. On the other hand, fantage is filled with snobby people who just stand and show off their wealth. Mean people are contagious, so it’s likely that most people just become mean and couldn’t care less. I mean, I never make friends on Fantage. It’s weird to have an actual conversation with someone, and a lot of people aren’t accepting. I also find that most people have the same personality there…

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  5. i do love fantage with all of my heart and idc about what others think, its just that im busy with school and somehow a life or else ill be on fantage 24/7


  6. Well, I can see why people hate fantage now. smh -.-


  7. We’re just more on the Yes side for Fantage I guess. Maybe we just fail to show that we actually love it. >.<


  8. >.< I think the reason I have such a bad view on Fantage now is that all my memories of it are filled with fighting and stuff with my best friends TnT


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