People Are STILL Trading…

Well, it looks like all the work Fantage did to try to get people to stop trading was all for nothing! 🙄

Between last night and now, I’ve seen multiple people ask about trading items without ever having gone on the popular servers. All of them have been members.

Apparently these people don’t get that nonmembers lost the ability to do pretty much anything at MyMall because of people like them. You’d think they’d get that after having to click past the notice saying not to trade every time they visit MyMall, but I guess not. So to all you nonmembers out there, you should know that you just lost MyMall privileges for nothing! Yep, that’s right, nothing!

Really, at this point, I don’t know why Fantage doesn’t just introduce a trading system so that people could trade FAIRLY. None of this “scamming” nonsense or “who goes first?” or anything like that. Bearville had a trading system. Gaia has one. And you know what? SCAMMING IS NOT AN ISSUE WHEN YOU HAVE A FAIR TRADING SYSTEM.

Oh, well. We all know MyMall is going to go down the toilet, anyway.

Have a GREAT rest of your day, guys! And remember, nonmembers, you just lost the ability to buy MyMall permission for NOTHING. 🙄



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Why do the people who get to the ending of Mii Trek not want to discuss it…like, at all? Sheesh…

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  1. IKRR
    I at least want Fantage to communicate to us, tell them what their situation is that they can’t simply make something PRACTICAL for once.

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    • Well, a lot of people seem to be asking for a trading system now, or at least something similar. My prediction is we’ll get another Vintage Gold *sighs*, then MAYBE a trading system. Who knows, though…


      • Well, in my opinion, Vintage Gold wasn’t that bad. >.<
        It brought back old items, **WHICH WAS WHAT USERS WANTED**, and at inflated prices, too, so that they didn't become COMPLETELY worthless. Although it did lower the value of many items, it did let a greater number of users let them have the items they had always wanted.
        A second Vintage Gold might be bad, though. It might deflate items' values too much, given that they sell the same items.
        No one knows what Fantage is thinking in their decisions or what they're going to do.


      • Although I do still wonder why Fantage seems a little against trading (I guess) right now. Maybe a practical trading system is just too obvious that they don’t notice it. //kind of dumb


  2. The moment they removed our selling privileges, I already knew it was for naught. xD But seriously, a trading system that makes it impossible to scam would be the best solution.


  3. If Mymall is closed, then I won’t be surprised


    • Yeah, Fantage is going to realize sooner or later that there is no way to have MyMall open and not have scammers. And then we’ll get something preventing scamming. Probably Vintage Gold 2.0. But hey, the thing after that could be an actual useful trading system! 😮 We can only hope…

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      • Agreed, but if mymall closed there will be so many quitters haha xD
        And yeah, I hope for an. ACTUAL AND BETTER Trading system as well


      • The way I see it, a lot of people have already quit. Go to MyMall now and you’ll see how empty it looks. If it closes, then we can at least hope for something that will include EVERYONE on Fantage, not just the members.


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