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  1. Like I said on BRD…
    F.A.T. must stand for Fmake Apeople Tfeeluncomfortable! -___-


  2. What the fuck!?
    American Christians are so weird compared to Canadian ones…

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    • Mhmm. I’ve never had good experience with most Christians that act how Christians are supposed to act they’re all back stabbers. my best friend is Christian but she curses and goes to warped tour and listens to screaming music


      • Honestly Christians need Jesus. Like they should listen to the pope and use holy water on themselves, because Christianity is about being kind to each other. Jesus needs to come again and spread the word.


      • Yeah I know. So many Christians I’ve met act really nice but stab you in the back like that still makes you an ugly person. If imma be kind I’ll be straight up if I’m gonan be mean I’m gonna be straight up. Going behind someone’s back makes you worse than actually displaying your emotions. They completely need Jesus, they preach love and spread hate.


  3. ♫ ♬ Luka Puka ♬♫

    What even is the point of that club?
    Proud you joined it with good means though. ^-^


  4. Aw, thats so mean ;-;
    Btw whats the difference between a club and church?


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