One Day A Fantagian Will Sue Me for This…

there were no vids for the past day because of school


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You asked a good question.

Posted on April 15, 2016, in Videos. Bookmark the permalink. 10 Comments.

  1. People like her are probably why so many peoples cats go missing…


    • …Now that I think about it, considering that owners allow their cats to walk around the neighbourhood, and suddenly they’d go missing, people like her are probably the cause.

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  2. what a good idea!
    just grab a stray cat and claim it as your own!
    come here, kitty.

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  3. SO smart.
    Fantage IQ just lowered down…..just a tad bit…like 60 percent

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  4. lmao it’s the same thing with dogs
    you can find a stray dog on the street and it’s yoursss

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  5. ♫ ♬ Luka Puka ♬♫

    literally fantage doesnt even moniter the clubhouse posts anymore
    ive seen a ton of them with pictures that have major curse words in them and no one even bothers… // like i thought this was a site for lil kidz //


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