Yuki’s Super Late Contest Prize + What’s Up with Us?

it takes me forever to do art because of school :^)


this was her prize for a writing contest, plus the voice clip i’M SORRY I DIDN’T COMPLETE IT SOONER AND HOPEFULLY YOU’LL SEE THIS WHEN YOU COME BACK FROM HIATUS

Anyways, it has come to my attention that we have not updated our banner or background at all, AND majority of us have stopped playing Fantage. Nunnally is occupied with exams, I am occupied with school and I dislike how Fantage returned to a members get all of the rights state, Casey quit but I’m unsure why, and I know Marina is busy with exams, and only plays occasionally. (I think?)

I might continue to make stupid videos, but I am in need of a script. If you have one, feel free to leave one below!


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You asked a good question.

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  1. I’m guessing Casey quit because she’s not getting a computer any time soon/prefers Line Play.
    I only go on sporadically. I do more on ACNL right now. 😛

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    • casey has line play??


      • Yes, she does. She made a topic about it on BRD.
        BTW, if you have Line Play, can you tell me how to enter the invitation codes…?


      • when you make your account, there should be an option where if you want to enter in an invitation code to earn an extra 5k gems ^_^ you need to ask your friend to see your invitation code so you can enter it in
        also for some reason, when I log into my BRD account, it doesn’t log me in and it says my account is invalid o_o


      • I didn’t get that option… I heard there was one where you could enter some amount of invitation codes and make something like 60,000 Gems, and I’m kind of counting on that sort of thing to make 50K to change my face… ;~;
        Really? That’s weird. Do you remember your password? Your user is mangos ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), BTW.


      • oh yeah, there’s an app on LP called fruit monsters, and you basically have to friend 30 (or is it 50?) people to play the game and you get 30k gems.
        and oh, oops, i forgot my username LOL


      • Casey told me that already, but thanks! And it’s 50. ;D
        So now I only need to save up 20K to get my face change… And now I have another problem. That would be “why the HELL am I not getting an option to log in as guest?” -_-

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  2. I quit Fantage too.
    I just quit because I was tired of it.

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  3. ѕuѕαn ♡

    one about fangirls? idek lol


  4. yeah i basically quit fantage


  5. Thanks for the prize I love it^^

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