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More stupidity from Downtown!

So right after I posted that last post, I went back to Downtown…and saw some real intelligence at work here, people.

Besides the general lack of knowledge people have about Karma Koin gift cards and what they do, I saw:

  1. Three or four people were alternating between asking, begging, and screaming for people to have a fashion show at their houses. Why they couldn’t have done this themselves is beyond me. Then, when someone sensible pointed out that Fantage has an actual Fashion Show game at Top Models, all of these people said some variation of “no”. And promptly went back to screaming.
  2. A girl in the middle of the big crowd in Downtown asking some random other person to move every five seconds. You are in the middle of a crowd, lady. It’s not going to magically part for you. Then instead of doing what any sane person would do and moving up higher where fewer people are, she just used her scepter to grow and started screaming about the hangout at her “plc”. (I don’t really get why people can’t be bothered to type the A or the E, but I digress.) And then when a normal-sized girl stood on her, she got all worked up about it, because a regular-sized Fantagian is totally going to prevent people from clicking on you when you’re huge. Yeah, okay, then.
  3. This exchange: “Stop following me.” “I LOVE YOU!” Clearly these people have learned their ways of showing romantic affection from Twilight.
  4. This other exchange: “Hi, your cute!” “I no.” “It’s I know, not I no.” “I no.” “It’s I know.” “And it’s swag.” The “I no” girl was also holding “bea” tryouts, just FYI.
  5. Someone thought MyMall was an overrated place to ask for items and started asking people if they had bunny nose. Because the average Fantagian Downtown has all kinds of wanted items from five years ago!

Also, for everything that happened that made it to this list, there were about a million people hosting various tryouts. At least one of said people did not actually check their house in the middle of all this tryout screaming, because they had to be told multiple times that there were a lot of people waiting there.

And on an unrelated note, sorry for not posting a lot, guys! Between ACNL, SMM, and real life, I haven’t had a ton of time for Fantage. I’ve mostly been on to recruit and to restock my kiosk/get more permission, but that’s it. I did notice that they removed the eCoins you get when you make a new account, though. (But they’re always changing things about the registration process, and you do still get eCoins for completing Michelle’s tutorials.)


P.S. Thanks for helping us get 10,000 views, guys! 😀

I feel saddened that I actually have to explain this…

Karma Koin gift cards are a method of payment for Gold and membership on Fantage. $50 will get you either a year’s worth of membership (if you go with the cheap one-month option), 70,000 Gold, or three months’ worth of membership AND 120,000 Gold.

This post is dedicated to the mind-boggling amount of people on Fantage who don’t know this, despite it being mentioned both Uptown and on the membership purchase page. By the way, a lot of these people are members themselves.

Also, on a much less stupid note, happy Star Wars Day!


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Thanks to CutieCake, I managed to get enough Gold for the limited dress!


Thank you SO, SO, SO much. No, really. Sadly, I only have about 700 Gold right now, so I can’t exactly pay you back yet, but I will as soon as I get the chance!  🙂

And to answer the probable questions of everyone else reading this, 1. I’m still on vacation, 2. I haven’t been going on Fantage very much, 3. the contest for $50 in Karma Koin gift cards is still going on on BRD (so join today and get posting!), and 4. I’m on BRD daily.

I’ve also gotten back into ACNL recently, but my Internet here doesn’t like letting me visit other people for some reason. I’ll check out dream towns you post the addresses of here, though! mainly looking for your guys’ towns and ones with cute clothes to take home

Thanks again to CutieCake, and to everyone else, have a great day!


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“New” Servers…?

Okay, so I was going to get a picture of this, but I very stupidly decided to continue on to Fantage, so unfortunately I don’t have photo proof. But when I logged in just now, there were like five or six “new” servers in addition to the regular ones… I say “new” with quotation marks because I’m pretty sure these were all actually servers that got taken off a long time ago, but WTF???

Sadly, Scarlet Starfish was not on the list. ;-;

If you’ve seen something similar or have a favorite server you want to see back, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂


P.S. Don’t forget to enter our joint contest with Bearville Rainy Days for a chance to win Karma Koin gift cards! Details can be found here.

People Are STILL Trading…

Well, it looks like all the work Fantage did to try to get people to stop trading was all for nothing! 🙄

Between last night and now, I’ve seen multiple people ask about trading items without ever having gone on the popular servers. All of them have been members.

Apparently these people don’t get that nonmembers lost the ability to do pretty much anything at MyMall because of people like them. You’d think they’d get that after having to click past the notice saying not to trade every time they visit MyMall, but I guess not. So to all you nonmembers out there, you should know that you just lost MyMall privileges for nothing! Yep, that’s right, nothing!

Really, at this point, I don’t know why Fantage doesn’t just introduce a trading system so that people could trade FAIRLY. None of this “scamming” nonsense or “who goes first?” or anything like that. Bearville had a trading system. Gaia has one. And you know what? SCAMMING IS NOT AN ISSUE WHEN YOU HAVE A FAIR TRADING SYSTEM.

Oh, well. We all know MyMall is going to go down the toilet, anyway.

Have a GREAT rest of your day, guys! And remember, nonmembers, you just lost the ability to buy MyMall permission for NOTHING. 🙄


Raising the Min?

So as everyone knows, Fantage raised the minimum price of all items below 1000 Gold to that amount.

…Or did they?

I was looking through the MyMall search, trying to find what Casey was selling so I would know what her kiosk was, and I came across a bunch of items up for…500 Gold. WTF?

so tiredneed sleep

(No, I’m not censoring these people’s names, because there is absolutely no reason for me to do that and you could find out who they were by *gasp* going to their kiosks. Or using the MyMall search function.)

I did some more sleuthing, and it turns out that I’m going to have to take back what I said earlier on BRD and in WP comments about Fantage being stupid and raising the minimum prices for items nobody cares about. That’s right, the crappiest LuckyBot and (possibly) Cody’s Crazy Combos items still have minimum prices of 500 Gold. (For the LuckyBot items, I can see why they did this, since LuckyBot items are given a Gold pricing based on their value/rank and raising the price for one group of said items would mess up that system entirely. But I digress.)

Everything else is still going for 1000 Gold and up, and Fantage is still stupid to have done what they did with the MyMall permission/kiosk thing in general, but hey, at least they realize nobody wants the crappy recolors of those jackets and sweaters and roller skates.


P.S. Happy early PM Weekend! You can read our tips and tricks for making the most out of your sudden membership here.

Marina’s MyMall Adventures

I know you guys are used to Casey doing these, but this girl I just had the “pleasure” of talking to was so idiotic, I felt I had to share this story.

So I went to MyMall today and, almost right away, this girl started screaming “IS SO-AND-SO A SCAMMER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” only with a lot of “awesome”s attached. So I started saying “no trade no problem” like I normally do when there’re people whining about scamming. And…the girl got really mad at me and told me to GTFO. So I said it was her fault if she got scammed. Guess what her reply was?

“But I have Instagram!”

Yes, Instagram magically protects you from being scammed now. It doesn’t matter if someone tries to get you to give them movie star hair for the minimum price in exchange for fake money or something. Nope, if you have Instagram, you’re all good! -_-

…Seriously, the amount of stupidity in MyMall is astounding. 🙄