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Valentine’s Day 2016

I have decided to stop being lazy and make an effort to post more on this blog, specifically posts that are actually enjoyable.

I shall start with a report on Fantage’s celebration of the fourteenth of February: Valentine’s Day 2016. Let’s just dive right in, shall we? Read the rest of this entry


what is this

o god


what the heck has kira done


he’s a monster

Disgusting Abomination Challenge

Look at him. He’s absolutely hideous.

jail bait

Happy Holidays 2015

Feliz Navidad from Nunnally! ❤

We finally have a page about the latest event. It’s not really a surprise that Fantage is celebrating such an event, but it is a surprise that one of us got off our lazy butts and actually spent over an hour writing about PART ONE of Happy Holidays 2015.

Enjoy the fruit of my labour.


Nunnally was emotionally rekt today. Raise her spirits by feeding her ego by praising this beautiful edit of Kira-kun’s female counterpart: Kira-chan!

Kira-kun and Kira-chan

The Hottest Host in da Club

Using the first hair from Luke’s snazzy hat pack…

snazzy hat pack.png

…and clothes from my own inventory, I have actually created my first edit. Furthermore, my sanity remains intact, in spite of the stress and trauma this process forced upon me. Gottverdammt, I am proud of myself.

Even though it’s actually quite simple and unimpressive.

I have dubbed this child… The Hottest Host in da Club.

smexy host.png

You may all applaud me now.

Cosplay Closet: 40s Noir Film

Hello! Have you ever wanted to look like someone from your favourite book or film?

Cosplay Closet is all about selecting different types of clothing in order to look like someone of fiction. It’s really fun, as is picturing yourself in different scenarios, from a fantasy epic to a dark and moody thriller.

The theme of today is: 40s Noir Film. Here, I present to you our dark and enigmatic detective and his sweet lady love.


The Detective

40s Noir Detective


Explorer’s Fedora

Trench Coat

Distressed Jeans

Clean Brown Boots

Spotlight Wall

The Detective is a stoic man, blessed with intelligence and a handsome face. He is focused only on solving his latest case… Until he falls deeply in love with a certain woman.

His Lady Love

40s lady love


Peach Hat Blonde

Fancy Buttondown

Creamy High Skirt

Creamy Boots

Pink Feather Board

To the eyes of most, this beautiful maiden serves no other purpose than being the love interest of The Detective. But she is so more than that. Surely, that she is willing to stay beside her beloved’s side, even as she is thrown into life threatening situations, time and time again, is truly remarkable?

This man and woman. So different, and yet so deeply in love.



I’m not entirely sure if these choices are the right ones for this theme. What do you think? Do you have a suggestion for the next Cosplay Closet? Should I even continue making these posts?

Nunnally, out!