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The second part of our three-month contest is under way now! YOU could win $50 in Karma Koin gift cards! Just imagine…you could get yourself a membership for a year, buy yourself some Gold, save it for a rainy day, do whatever with it…as long as you win the contest, of course!

Be sure to stop by Bearville Rainy Days a lot this month and keep those posts coming if you want to win our grand prize!

And remember, there will be another part of this contest in June.  😉



As stated around 5 days ago, I’m hosting a writing contest in Bearville Rainy Days! No one sent in submissions as of yet. (Everyone does last second submissions, eh?)

I’ll basically say the details again!


Write something that will brighten anyone’s day. Writing styles are endless. You may write a story, or even write an essay. Your choice! It can be 903859398594 pages long (it will be hell to read though) or a paragraph! Whoever makes me smile the most wins.

That being said, if you’re not too strong on grammar, I’m not judging that as much as its content. If it’s hard to understand, then of course points will be deducted. I care more about the overall message of the writing. Of course, you should try to make it as neat as possible!


  • A chibi or a bust up drawing by me!
  • A voice audio of my voice. I’ll say anything that you want me to say up to 10 minutes. HECK, YOU CAN MAKE ME SAY THE DIRTIEST OF THINGS. I HAVE NO SHAME.
  • Blog advertisement! I’ll make a post about you, and advertise you on the sidebar on my personal blog for around a month. :>

How to enter:

  • Have an account on BRD. (Bearville Rainy Days)
  • Send me a PM (my username is Yanderu) on BRD, and title it “March BRD Yanderu’s Writing Contest”

If you have any more questions, then read this detailed post on BRD. If you still have some, feel free to comment down below or respond to the thread!


It is officially due on March 30th, 9:00pm EST. Hopefully everyone will enter!


WRITING CONTEST! Details on Bearville Rainy Days!

Heyo! It’s AnnaArso. So as asked by the admins of Bearville Rainy Days, I’ve decided to host a contest to get people going on the forum!

All of the details are in this post here, but I’m pretty sure you have to be a member to view it. So what are you waiting for? Join! (Except the admins actually have to be online to accept your account, eheheh.)

It ends on March 30th, my birthday though. So you’ll be given like 3 days instead of 5.

If you want to prepare for it, basically you have to write something to brighten someone’s day. It can be through a story, a poem, etc! Unlimited possibilities!

Prizes are essentially art, hearing me say whatever you want, and I’ll advertise you! Not as much as I would desire, but Fantage is being unfair nowadays. 🙂

In order to submit your entry, you have to PM me via Bearville Rainy Days, so please make an account! Any submissions through WordPress are denied.

Besides, we’re having a HUGE giveaway on BRD afterwords, AND it’s free to sign up. It won’t hurt you!


Guess These Cosplays!

If you recall, we’ve had some guessing cosplay games from Marina, and a small one from Casey. Since I’m bored, I decided to make my own!

It’s difficult to cosplay on Fantage, so obviously my Fantagian won’t accurately look like the character, so I’m going to add hints!


The reward for getting one of them right (and being the first one) is 500 gold! I know it isn’t much, but it’s just a quick game. However, if someone isn’t guessed correctly for a long period of time, the reward will slowly increase.

Girl 1:

0Hint 1: This girl is 13 years old.

Hint 2: She gets trapped in a dangerous mansion.

Hint 3: She isn’t what she seems.

Girl 2:


Hint 1: She’s wearing brown eye contacts, her eyes are actually red.

Hint 2: Her male counterpart is named Akito.

Hint 3: She’s tasked with finding a dead girl’s body.

Girl 3:



Hint 1: She hates the colour red.

Hint 2: She has teddy bears all over her room.

Hint 3: She can’t forgive her father.

Good luck finding them! By the way, I’ll do the drawing requests when I feel more motivated… Don’t think I forgot! 😛


Small Contest Winner(s??)

Here are the right answers, which if you read my posts on FM it should have been at least halfway easy:

  1. Who is my favorite book character?
    1. Jem Carstairs
  2. Do I like Sunjin or Wonpil more?
    1. Sungjin
  3. Who is my ultimate bias?
    1. Kang Daesung. Please. this was only the easiest question.
  4. About how many songs are on my iPod? (Rough estimation, closest one will be counted)
    1. Exactly 809
  5. What is my favorite anime?
    1. Kamisama Kiss
  6. Name my top three favorite bands/groups.
    1. Any of these would have counted: Day6 (if you didn’t have this it was a no-no) Twice, Ghost Town, or Pierce The Veil
  7. Am I the type who is willing to go to an American pop concert?
    1. Answer is a big fat no.
  8. Can you name 3 bands I’ve seen live?
    1. As many answers as I could remember: Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana (I was like 8), Tsquad, Nat n Alex, Care Bears On Fire, Tiffany Gardinia (or something like that too lazy to google), Boys Like Girls, Parachute, All American Rejects, Allstar Weekend, Paradise Fears, The After Party, Before You Exit, Vegas Is North, Greenlight District, We Are The In Crowd, The Ready Set, The Downtown Fiction, Blood On The Dance Floor, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Ghost Town, Black Veil Brides, One Ok Rock, Get Scared, Breathe Carolina, BigBang
  9. Do I like Disneyland?
    1. No
  10. Do I like wearing skirts?
    1. Lol no.



deasung *Accepted*

no skirt? *Accepted*
below 800 😛  *Accepted*
(im stalking you)
day 6 ,ghost town , pierce the viel *Accepted*
you dont like diseny land *Accepted*
sunjin *accepted*
yeah u went to a lot of concerts

Total Score: 6


1. Jem and/or Malec *Accepted*
2. Wonpil
3. Daesung and his yep *Accepted*
4. too many
5. Kamisama Kiss *Accepted*
6. Day6, Day6, Day6…and Twice?
8. BigBang, Blood on the Dance Floor (BECAUSE I HAD TO MENTION IT), Paradise Fears, I could go on but you wanted me to stop at three… *Accepted*
9. Sure?
10. Not really. *Accepted*

Total Score: 6

Congrats you guys tied and win the prize. For the others, thanks so much for trying! And pay attention to our posts! I might hold something like this again. Also most of the answers were splattered all over my personal blog haha.

Guess the Cosplay Contest!

No, this isn’t a contest where you submit pictures of you cosplaying to me, this is a contest where I put up pictures of myself cosplaying different characters on Fantage and you guys try to guess who I am in the comments! The winner gets 1000 Gold. 😉

This is probably going to be pretty difficult for most of you (especially if you don’t know me very well), so if enough people can’t figure all of these out, I’ll provide a hint or two.

When you comment, please be sure to mention where the characters are from as well as their names!
haha no cheatingwell this should be obviousfinally with makeupfinally someone Katie won't getDO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I SPENT RECOLORING THIS OUTFIT

Some of them will probably be easier than others, but oh well. 😛

Good luck!


For Colourful Shadows

Here’s the drawing of your Fantagian for winning the raffle! Hopefully you enjoy! 🙂 If you want a unwatermarked version, I can send you one via email.

colourful shadows

For Katie and Winx Club, I’ll get started on those later because those are some very vague requests… I have so much freedom. If you want me to pass it to someone else though, just tell me!

If you didn’t win, it’s not the end of the world! You can either purchase one with Fantage gold, paypal, Gaia Online gold, or Deviantart points (make an offer because I haven’t had the time to open these yet) or just wait for the next raffle! 🙂


Art Raffle Results!

Happy Halloween folks! Here are the results for the art raffle:


If I forgot you, I’ll automatically draw you something! Although you need to list proof by showing that you actually did reblog before the time this was posted. 😛

Oh, and if I didn’t spell your name as you wanted it, deal with it. :^)

Anyways, ColourfulShadows (I use UK spelling) I’ll draw you a crayon chibi once my pen tablet works! 🙂 Please give me a reference.

And since I’m so generous, I’ll draw Winx Club 5 and Katie a messy sketch, or just a crayon lineart.

And if you don’t claim in three days, I’ll give the prize to the next person on the list.

Have a great day out there trick or treating! Be safe, or you’ll never see the light of day again!

Hosting an Art Raffle!

Welcome to our first raffle! Hosted by AnnaArso. :^)

The prize: A Chibi Sketch (crayon style) drawing from me!

Due date: This Saturday!




  1. Must be followed to this blog!

How to enter:

  1. Like this post!
  2. Reblog!
  3. Comment, “Anna x Jared is OTP.” (Yes, you’re being forced to admit that you ship us.)

Extra entries:

Please note that if you do these, comment down below that you have, in addition of admitting that you ship Jared and I. :^)

  • Like all of our pages (and I mean ALL of them) – 1 extra entry
  • Make a ridiculous edit of a drawing of Jared and send it to – Depends on how much I laugh at it (please comment down below if you have sent an email and include your WordPress username!)

Here’s what I want you to edit (click to enlarge):


A wonderful example of Jared’s real life face being edited:


Nah, he doesn’t actually have an emo hairstyle. Him and I were pretending to be “emo” over Snapchat.

  • Draw Jared and I and send it to – Depends on how much effort was placed into it, and I’ll probably end up drawing you something myself anyways. (Please comment down below if you have sent an email and include your WordPress username!)

Drawing references (click to enlarge):


Credits to Mina!

jared and i

Credits to Ameee!

Basically I’ll be using that randomizer that everyone is familiar with ONCE because I don’t see the point of randomizing things so many times. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

By the way, FantageMarianna staff are allowed to enter as well. ;D