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Fantage is always more fun with friends! Except when you have to use the chat system. Then you’re better off playing alone.


Thanks to CutieCake, I managed to get enough Gold for the limited dress!


Thank you SO, SO, SO much. No, really. Sadly, I only have about 700 Gold right now, so I can’t exactly pay you back yet, but I will as soon as I get the chance!  🙂

And to answer the probable questions of everyone else reading this, 1. I’m still on vacation, 2. I haven’t been going on Fantage very much, 3. the contest for $50 in Karma Koin gift cards is still going on on BRD (so join today and get posting!), and 4. I’m on BRD daily.

I’ve also gotten back into ACNL recently, but my Internet here doesn’t like letting me visit other people for some reason. I’ll check out dream towns you post the addresses of here, though! mainly looking for your guys’ towns and ones with cute clothes to take home

Thanks again to CutieCake, and to everyone else, have a great day!



Fantage: Cringe Channel

Hello everyone! I’m your host, TheSuperAnna01, and toady I’m going to check out servers in Fantage, to find Fantagians that will make us cringe! Please grab some popcorn, as you’re going to join me and my pet Blizzy in this cringe adventure!

me and blizzy

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you die of cancer.

Alright, let’s see how the Fantagians in Blueberry Bobcat act!

Star Cafe:


Aww, only the usual that’s happening, someone bullying someone with more items than them. How cute.



“you lost your baby”

“ya i did”


10/10 best mother of the year, shows no concern.


[crying externally]



Translation: Whats laugh out loud in that?

That doesn’t even make any sense.


In Fantage, Bae = Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Significant other

Assuming that he’s hetero…

“Any girlfriend guys plz”

I’m so sorry pal, you’ll find one eventually. She’ll probably end up being a smelly teenager the internet, but you’ll get there!

Small commercial break, this post is brought to you by Yoshi.

being a guy is suffering.png


Alright, unfortunately we didn’t see anything too awful in Blueberry Bobcat! But how wonderful will Burgundy Bullfrog be?

Star Cafe:


Someone is 3 years late.


oh oh mighty bubble please bless us all with hope and stuff

respect the bubble

praise the bubble

who needs vaseline when you have bubbles

oh thank the good lord messiah bubble


okay what does this even mean?

Bae Tryouts:


i honestly can’t understand


oh look bubble guy needs a bae now



*blushes while crying*


So I became a plane:


he told me to come to his place and change back to normal

so I did


he then proceeded to cheat on me



This is more like Fantage Adventures than Cringe Adventures. If you’re used to Fantage, this is all just normal.

This post is also sponsored by my clone. 🙂

smh this girl has no taste

Remember before you go to bed folks: I’m always watching you in the Star Cafe.

i am always stalking you

This has been the worst cringe channel ever. Disappointed in your content, Fantagians.


I’m posting again!

So I’m sure a bunch of you were wondering why I couldn’t blog until now, and why Yuki would sometimes comment on your posts twice.

Well… It’s because I was being Yuki for Imitation Days. 😀

A lot of people seemed to actually buy into Yuki joining the FM admins, possibly because Imitation Days wasn’t really that popular. Like…check out this conversation I had with Blizz:

blizz 1 blizz 2 blizz 3

Even Yuki thought I did a good job imitating her! 😛 She actually encouraged me to make more posts, but I honestly didn’t have the time or energy to post that much last week, so here’s an image from the Daily Fashion post that never was:

fashion outtake

Don’t we look stylish? Especially Minty. Minty is the best pet EVER. ;D

Anyway, I changed my username and profile back, so now you should be able to tell us apart again! Hopefully I’ll find more time to post, too, but school keeps being a pain and getting in my way. -_-

As for the puppy event thing, I really don’t have much to say that people haven’t already covered. It’s hard unless you’re a member, the boards are expensive, and the ears are probably the cheapest they’ll ever be. Also, I don’t like dogs very much. Yaaaaay.

But what do you think? Did you think I was Yuki, or were you suspicious the entire time? Do you wish you’d joined Imitation Days? Do you miss when the FM admins actually posted regularly? (SCHOOL SUCKS, MAN.) Well, no matter what you have to say, feel free to say it in a comment below! 🙂


Meeting an Admin and Getting in the Comet

Sorry this isn’t a post about the new outfits, guys! I know that’s what most people were expecting, but I want to talk about something else today…seeing an admin on Fantage! 😛

So some of you might’ve read Sally’s post about her getting to talk to an admin. Well, I was on the same server as Sally about five minutes after she posted that, so I wondered if I’d run into the admin…but I didn’t actively search for her. Well, I obviously didn’t need to, because almost right away, she came to MyMall!

meeting an admin

If you can’t see me in that picture, it’s because Sally is standing on me. 😆 And the admin didn’t really talk to me or anyone at MyMall, but oh well.

Anyway, I took a picture on Fantage and sent it in, just because I do that most of the time I take pictures on Fantage instead of on my computer, and then I left.

Then, later on, I was looking at my IDFone, saw I’d leveled up, checked my medals…and noticed I had something called “Editor’s Choice”. What? o_O


Knowing it was a Comet-related medal, I checked the Comet, and lo and behold, I found this…

being in the Comet

Wow…uh…I didn’t think that’d get in… I mean, this is the newspaper known for only posting submissions from people with seven times as many levels as I have… So yay? 😛

CutieCake got in, too, so congrats to her! 🙂


We’re wearing the same scarf, too. 😮

So yeah, I wouldn’t have posted this, but the Comet doesn’t have archives like the BV Times (Bearville’s newspaper) used to and I did want to put these pictures somewhere. And for the people who wanted me to post about the outfits, uh…CutieCake has the new hair I like on…so…there’s that? 😀

Have you ever seen an admin on Fantage? Have you been in the Comet before, or are you part of the 99.9999999% of Fantagians who aren’t actually in the Hall of Fame and therefore don’t get picked for all this stuff? Well, regardless of whether you have or haven’t done all these things, feel free to leave a comment below!


How To Work Panda Hoodie A Lesson By Marina


Maybe we shouldn’t have traded ROFL.

Can You Guess The Cosplay?

Hi Ohmykaito here. Marina asked me to use her account to get snow flakes while she’s away but I had to take advantage of this. So I dressed Marina as a character I love from one of my favorite animes.


Can you guess the anime character?
1. The character likes green.
2. She’s incredibly shy and wishes for friends.
3. The initials of the anime are SIW or SSW.
4. There were only two seasons.
5. It looks like a cute girl anime but it’s incredibly dark in an emotional way.

Blogger Goals


Luke and I do Weird Stuff

I was going to Luke’s kiosk because he was selling things at a cheap price. I met him there, unintentionally.

The boards I’m wearing in these images are boards I bought from him.

vaseline lords




beautiful for kids

We also had an interesting Skype conversation.

for children



Hey, guys! So how many of you ship Kira and Yoshi (and Seth)?

Well, for all you people who just screamed “I DO I DO”, today we’re bringing you the obvious companion ship. Except instead of being yaoi, IT’S YURI. 😮

So as you likely know if you’ve ever looked at a picture of the two of us together before, Casey and I have the heart friendship bracelets.

reposting because I caaaaaan

reposting because I caaaaaan

We were at MyMall today, buying and selling items, and at one point, after we’d both helped this girl get something she wanted (which turned out to be Bunny Earmuffs, BTW), she said this…


Both Casey and I thought it was cute. 😛 But what do YOU think?

And for the people who don’t like shipping and want me to include other things in this post, Casey sold me her starred Army Tank (for a low price, too!) in order to get more Gold to buy herself a Bunny Nose! 🙂



this is Casey's IDFone because she isn't online right now

this is Casey’s IDFone because she isn’t online right now

Also, we both figured out how to fly. Whee. 😛

So what’re your thoughts? Which Fantage Marianna pairing/threesome is your OTP, or do you prefer Casey with Minty? Do you think it’s weird that everyone on FM ships each other? Were you expecting this to be a post about the new event that wasn’t even out when I started writing?  Well, if you were, rest assured we’ll have one up soon. For everyone else, though, feel free to leave a comment below!


The Real Mean Girls

If you don’t know what that is please have mercy on your soul.