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Cosplay Closet: Chicken

The theme of today, is chicken.

Yes, we’re going to be dressed up as… Your favourite chicken.

Why? Well, you see a chicken outfit is the closest I can get with being with Vaseline. Oh, and the hair I bought from The Hall of Fame reminds me of a chicken. Therefore, today’s cosplay shall be a chicken.

praise chicken


Delicate Blonde Ribbon (Hair)

Chickie Tee (Top)

Tan Shorts (Bottom)

Those Overrated Sandals Every Girl Wears (I HAD NO OTHER GOOD YELLOW SHOES OKAY!?)

Giant Bird Board (Board)

Party Sparklers (Body Accessory)

Warm Sunset Glasses (Face Accessory)

Crazy Chick (Head Accessory)

I have nothing else to say. (Besides the fact that I’m a fabulous chicken.) Now if you excuse me, I have some important activities to do.

important business



Cosplay Closet: 40s Noir Film

Hello! Have you ever wanted to look like someone from your favourite book or film?

Cosplay Closet is all about selecting different types of clothing in order to look like someone of fiction. It’s really fun, as is picturing yourself in different scenarios, from a fantasy epic to a dark and moody thriller.

The theme of today is: 40s Noir Film. Here, I present to you our dark and enigmatic detective and his sweet lady love.


The Detective

40s Noir Detective


Explorer’s Fedora

Trench Coat

Distressed Jeans

Clean Brown Boots

Spotlight Wall

The Detective is a stoic man, blessed with intelligence and a handsome face. He is focused only on solving his latest case… Until he falls deeply in love with a certain woman.

His Lady Love

40s lady love


Peach Hat Blonde

Fancy Buttondown

Creamy High Skirt

Creamy Boots

Pink Feather Board

To the eyes of most, this beautiful maiden serves no other purpose than being the love interest of The Detective. But she is so more than that. Surely, that she is willing to stay beside her beloved’s side, even as she is thrown into life threatening situations, time and time again, is truly remarkable?

This man and woman. So different, and yet so deeply in love.



I’m not entirely sure if these choices are the right ones for this theme. What do you think? Do you have a suggestion for the next Cosplay Closet? Should I even continue making these posts?

Nunnally, out!