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Our themed outfits of the day!

Daily Fashion 01/10/16

First daily fashion of the year, oh yeah!

Today’s Topic: Semi Formal

I don’t know if other places in the world has it, but semi formal is basically prom but after the first semester exams. You’d think in the title you don’t have to be formal, but that’s just the title. Truth is, all girls will be applying 3482318948215349173819 layers of makeup, and wearing either the most revealing dresses or fancy dresses. So yeah, be formal, and make sure the food you eat doesn’t go on your clothes!

semi formal my ass

There’s not much to say about this topic, except that semi formal is overpriced and I will not be attending it. I plan on going with one of my best friends to a restaurant after exams, because it’s much cheaper and we won’t have to wear stupid dresses to impress people. :>

If you have it and you are attending, have fun!



Daily Fashion – 12/18

Hey, it’s Marina! You know how I said I was going to have time to post more often on here? Well… I guess I lied. 😦 What I didn’t know when I said I’d be posting more was that I’d end up having to go out for four days out of five this week and feel terrible on the fifth day. So unless one of the other FM admins decides to post about the new event, I don’t see us covering it that much. :/

Anyway, to make up for not posting a lot, here’s a (scheduled) Daily Fashion post for you! 🙂

Today’s Topic: Snow Queens

this is really the outfit I had on beforeanother outfit using half the same things from the last outfit

You know, if you’ve been reading many fashion posts lately, you’ll probably have noticed that they all say the same thing. “STAY WARM!” “DON’T WEAR SHORT SHORTS!” “PUT ON JACKETS AND PANTS AND BLAH BLAH BLAH!” (And yes, I know I was sort of guilty of this when I made the last BRD banner topic and asked people not to wear shorts.) But what about the Elsas of Fantage, those lucky people who never let the cold bother them? What do you wear when you don’t have to deal with pesky restrictions like “hypothermia”? Well, you take advantage of the opportunity, of course! 😉

There’s more to winter than Christmas, and to celebrate your ability not to freeze to death without eleventy layers, try taking some inspiration from the weather itself! Wear lots of blues and whites, but don’t be afraid to throw a little gray or black into the mix – after all, they are neutral colors. Just, uh, don’t wear yellow. I mean, you know what they say about yellow snow…

And for the people who saw the title of this Daily Fashion topic and expected more regal wear, here’s a bonus outfit:

just go with it

And remember, stay warm if you do get cold easily!


Daily Fashion – 12/7

Remembered when I actually made useful posts for once? My apologies for my posts, I do realise that I’ve only been uploading spam and art. So it’s time for me to make another Daily Fashion post! (Remember when we posted daily?)

Today’s Topic: Winter

stay warm

Most important thing to do for this season: Stay warm! But just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all of the time. With snow, you can do activities that you couldn’t do without! (Such as skiing!) Or you could be like me, spending all outdoor time shoveling snow. =_=

I know it’s not even winter yet, but we already have snow in my area. CURSE YOU, CLIMATE CHANGE!

By the way, I just wanted to point out that I’d love to reach over 5,000+ views before the end of December. I’m going to try to post a lot more often, just to achieve this goal! 😉 I’M ALSO GOING TO BE POSTING ON FANTAGEROP, AKA NOW SATIREROP MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Have a great day everyone! Hopefully you aren’t like me, living under piles of snow. 😛


Daily Fashion – 12/2

Well, now that I have a few more items and more of an interest in Fantage, I guess you can expect regularish fashion posts again. 😛

Today’s Topic: Coordinating Colors


Have you ever noticed that you and a friend have a lot of clothes in similar colors? Well, now’s your chance to take advantage of that! Grab your closest friend and put on some outfits that match color-wise! Just don’t wear all the same items, since that’s cheating… Feel free to mix and match, too – if your friend has on a top in one color, maybe choose some pants or accessories in that color instead. Finally, don’t forget your neutrals! Black, white, gray, brown, and blue go with everything, after all. 😉


Daily Fashion – 11/18

Sorry for not posting, everyone! I probably should’ve spaced my other posts out a little more, but blehhhhh. Honestly, I haven’t been going on Fantage very much, partly because there hasn’t been much to do and partly because I’ve been busy obsessing over other things. Anyway, here’s a Daily Fashion post for you guys! 🙂

Today’s Topic: Be Active!

I had to remove BB hair or else I'd look too RRR

Did you know you’re supposed to get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day? (Though I think everyone knows this…)

Instead of just standing around at MyMall or the Star Café, go out and about! Put on some comfortable clothes/shoes, tie your hair back if you have long hair, and get moving! Even walking counts as exercise, so don’t be shy– Oh, wait, you can’t walk around on Fantage. Maybe, uh, just do some jump(ing jack)s instead…


Daily Fashion – 11/12

Because not being on vacation anymore means I get a free pass to SPAM YOUR READER. 😀

Today’s Topic: Something Vaguely Related to Fall but Mostly Related to How Much I Like This Outfit


In case you haven’t looked outside during the past two months, it’s now fall! And fall means cute clothes on Fantage. So put on your cute fall clothes and play in the leaves outside! Despite, y’know, Fantage not having leaves you can play in.

…Yes, this entire post was made for the sole purpose of showing off this outfit I REALLY like. 😛

If you’ve made a cute outfit using the new fall/Treasure Hunters items (which I personally think go really well together), feel free to post a link in the comments below! Happy fall, guys! 🙂


Daily Fashion – 10/31

Hey, guys! Fantage has been having problems for the past couple of days (at least for me), so I haven’t really gone on. And when I have, I’ve been stuck watching my inventory load. Really, it’s all been enough to make me sing this song a few times. Anyway, today we have another Daily Fashion post!

Today’s Topic: Halloween

so peaceful

Well, I know none of you were expecting THAT to be the theme. Dress in your spookiest clothes today – oranges, blacks, purples, whites, and yellows are definitely the way to go. If you’re going trick-or-treating, be sure to put on your best costume! Of course, Minty is optional, but he goes with everything. 😉

(And I know this picture was reused from my Halloween event post, but again, Fantage hasn’t been working for me today and I’m wearing the same thing right now anyway.)

Happy Halloween if you celebrate it! Be sure to stay safe if you’re going out, too!

– Marina

Daily Fashion – 10/27

Hey, it’s Marina! Since the best time to make a post on a blog is when the other authors have already posted three times in the same day, here’s another Daily Fashion post for you! 😉

Today’s Topic: Generic Nonconformity

this hair still has crappy shading but whatever

Have you ever wanted to wear your BB, CC, or frisky hair, but with an outfit that doesn’t make you feel like you’re copying countless other Fantagians? Well, then, this post is for you! Instead of that same old graphic tee and shorts with your hair, put on a cute dress – it doesn’t even have to be from MyMall! Or if you love the Peace Out Tee, try pairing it with some jeans or a flowy skirt (White Red Skirt, anyone?) for more of a classic “hippie” look. Some “generic popular girl” outfit pieces will be easier to style than others, but there’s more than one way to wear everything!

Have a great day, and make sure to look out for a few upcoming Halloween-themed fashion posts courtesy of yours truly! 😉

– Marina

Daily Fashion – 10/11

Today’s Topic: Sleepwear

the chicks are cute

You know what guys? Let’s get ready for bed! (Even though it’s literally the morning where I live.) Well, it could be pajama day. Anyways, wear something loose to sleep in, grab the nearest pillow or stuffed animal, wear those slippers, and possibly add a face mask if you’d like to block out the pesky light! And who cares about what your hair looks like? No one is going to watch you while you sleep. Besides Santa Claus.

By the way, the Vaseline adventures continue.

But this time I’m not on TheSuperAnna01 (where I look like a generic popular fantagian with a high level.) No, this time I’m asking people… With a horse mask.


Okay, time to do all of my homework for real this time, then get started on drawing.

By the way CutieCake, if you’ve read all of this I want to thank you so much for giving me the chalk board, and I’m willing to draw something for you in return. I’m still trying to sing for you without my voice sounding really weird (the voice cracks, man) and I’ll make a “Ways to Wear It” with the board you for as well!

Have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone!


Daily Fashion – 10/7

Today’s Topic: Glitter Explosion


I’m sure everyone noticed how Fantage bought stock in the glitter company recently, probably to celebrate the Unicorn Adventure event. Because we all know unicorns eat, breathe, and poop glitter. (In case you forgot, they also really dislike art thieves.) So let’s give our unicorns the send-off they deserve by wearing a whole lot of glitter! Really, anything that sparkles will do. Boys, you have no excuse not to do this, too, because I know the Cool Sparkles from Orion’s also come in a male version. 😉

By the way, you guys can all thank your lucky stars (also known as the things you get from selling furniture or homes today!) I didn’t make this post about Minty, even though this was what I was wearing when I came on Fantage today:

even Minty thinks FR sucks

Isn’t Minty the greatest? 😉

– Marina