Back to School 2015

Hey, it’s Marina here! This is my first event post (though I did post about Light Up and Once Upon a Time on my own blog), so please bear with me if it was your dream come true to see Anna post about this event. 😛

Anyway… Well, this was surprising. I was on Fantage at like 9 AM FST, and the Tomato Festival was still ongoing. I didn’t know why Fantage was taking so long to update… Turns out they were busy making everyone a member from now until the 9th!

and we're into the event posts I did now

While that’s certainly exciting (I leveled up two ranks today, from Explorer to Scholar), I’m a little worried. I don’t know if losing your PM status means you level down, for starters, and I have some starred limited items I got through glitches (like the tab trick) that I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep after this. I can sell the items at MyMall and level back up the old-fashioned way, though, so I know whatever happens won’t be too bad!

For the people reading this who aren’t members most of the time, now is your chance to level up! You probably had a ton of inactive medals that suddenly became active today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find more ways to gain levels! The seahorse catching game is especially good, since you can level up to 200 during this event and you won’t lose those levels (well, unless you want to go seahorse catching again for some reason). 😉

Aside from leveling up, you can get the PM gift and search up items in MyMall for free. I’d suggest you abuse the latter while you can, because it’s very, very useful if you’re trying to find something.

With all the excitement surrounding everyone becoming a Premium Member, it’s pretty easy to overlook the other event that’s going on, so let’s take a look at that now, shall we?

I take a lot fewer full-sized pics than Anna does

Like the Once Upon a Time event, this is really just about buying limited items. Well, at least I can see myself wearing these…

Limited Items

Tip: Buy these items with Gold if you want to wear them after this week! Since people will be able to wear starred items for the duration of this event, they’ll be more likely to buy these items with Stars, so you’ll probably have a hard time finding them coined at MyMall!


featuring Melody's EVIL SHIRT

I really like the color combo (that blue is close to my favorite shade of blue), and I think the shirt and pants are pretty cute, but I’m personally not too fond of the hair. You could probably find a nicer pink and blue hair accessory, honestly. Blech.


Hair – 4000 Stars, 2000 Gold

Shirt – 4000 Stars, 2000 Gold

Pants – 4000 Stars, 2000 Gold

Shoes – 1200 Stars, 600 Gold

Board – 5000 Stars, 2500 Gold

(What’s with the price of the board? I really don’t see how that board is worth 5000 Stars or 2500 Gold.)


I don't think this shirt is evil though

The color combo isn’t my favorite, but hey, at least it’s more “autumn”like than the girls’ color combo. I wouldn’t buy the hair for this one, either. (Seriously, Fantage, why couldn’t you be bothered to make the owl hat face the same direction as Fantagians look and not directly at the screen?)


Hair – 4000 Stars, 2000 Gold

Shirt – 4000 Stars, 2000 Gold

Pants – 4000 Stars, 2000 Gold

Shoes – 1200 Stars, 600 Gold

Board – 5000 Stars, 2500 Gold

(The boys’ and girls’ items have the same prices. And that board is still really expensive for what it is.)

Well, that’s pretty much it for this event. Really, the only thing setting it apart from Once Upon a Time is that there’s free membership involved this time and that the items are way more casual. I like how they waited until September to have this event (I saw people complaining they did Tomato Festival in August instead of Back to School, but a lot of places start school the day after Labor Day – only one part of Canada even starts school in August). But, honestly, Back to School is a pretty boring event theme. It’s one you pretty much have to have on a virtual website, similar to all the major holidays, but it’s not really new.

I’d like to see more events like the Tomato Festival, or even concepts like Once Upon a Time. No, I don’t want more events that solely revolve around buying limited items, I mean an event with an interesting theme and actual things you can do. Having been on a website that had maybe six to ten event updates (many of them reused annually) per year, for seven years, I don’t know how much I can be complaining, but those are my thoughts. Hopefully, Fantage will have a new and creative event after this one!

So what do you think of this event? Are you excited about being a PM for a whole week? (Well, I guess you wouldn’t be if you were already a PM.) Do you wish Fantage would stop having limited item sales disguised as events? Or maybe you have a secret fear of owls and wish they’d picked a different animal to use as the basis for the limited items this event. Did I do a terrible job at explaining this event, or did you enjoy reading this post? Well, if you have answers to any of these questions, or if you have something else to say, feel free to leave a comment below!

– Marina


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