Runaway Rudolph

Nunnally has decided to leave the warmth of her crib to find a certain red nosed raindear that probably ran away because Banta Claws doesn’t feed him, and allows the other reindeer to abuse him mercilessly.

Note that this list is far from finished. I’ll be updating it as I slowly trek through the snow filled streets of Fantage.

Ensure that you use CTRL + F to locate key words.

Somebody saw Rudolph…

Riding a swan boat in the Enchanted Grotto.

At Ottoman’s Furniture in Uptown.

Beside the pond in Pet Town.

Playing air hockey in the Arcade at the Carnival.

With a British officer at the Castle.

With the shark at the Beach, to the left of the Cruise.

With other pets in the Pet Shop, in Pet Town.

Playing a saxophone in the Music Room, at Fantage School.

Close to poison in the Secret Basement of the Lighthouse.

Playing chess on the Second Floor of Fantage School.

At the bushe with flowers in front of Top Models.

Buying swimsuits in High Tide Shop on the Island.

Playing roulette at Lucky Bob’s Trading Post in the Forest.

At the underground elevator in Downtown.

Playing Q-Blast at Gizmo’s Q-Blast in Downtown.

Near a chalkboard and an apple in the ABC room of Fantage School.

At the Comet on Mt. Fantage.

At the Club House, in the same area as Fantage School.

Watching a fashion show inside Top Models.

Under the clock in between Le Shop and the Stellar Salon.

Under the school bell in Fantage School.

With Orion in Orion’s Rare Finds.

At the water slide on the Cruise.

With Pixie and Soapie Stan in Gizmo’s Q-Blast, Downtown.

Playing Off the Hook in the Gym in Fantage School.

At the roller coaster, at the Carnival.

With balloons at the Carnival.

In the Cafeteria in Fantage School.

Playing basketball in the Gym in Fantage School.



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