I ❤ Mom 2015

Hey everyone! It’s TheSuperAnna01. Happy (early) Mother’s Day! There’s not much to do in this event! But shouldn’t you be spending time with your mother, giving her wonderful gifts, and telling her how great she is instead of playing a virtual world for children? Nah, play all of the video games!

This shows what you can do in this event! Which include (but is limited to.): Buy new limited items, make a coupon book (also known as print one of the already existing templates that Fantage has kindly provided for us), make a Mother’s Day card, and you’ll get a free gift if you log in on May 10th, 2015! I hope the free gift is good. So I guess if you’re too lazy to actually do anything more than printing and writing a few words, you can print this coupon book:

this is going to take a while

(Shouldn’t most of these things be things you already do on a regular basis?)

You can also make a card for your mother! (By placing virtual stickers onto a virtual card, then printing it.) You can decorate the front, back, and the insides. Kinda cool, although it’s extremely tedious to drag every letter onto the thing. This is the front of the card I’m going to give to my mom. ❤

I hope you got your food

Just kidding, of course. To be honest, if you plan on making a Mother’s Day card for your mother, you’re better off making one yourself. It would be so unique, since it’s made 100 percent by you! And be honest, if someone gave you a card would you like it better if it was made by dragging things using a computer, or drawn by that someone?

Now, here are the limited edition clothing for the girls:

remember, kids, teenage pregnancy is a-okay

Mother’s Day Set 1 looks pretty cute, however Set 2 looks pretty goth. Looks like something that you wouldn’t wear at all during mother’s day. I mean, there are those “I love mom” words on the shirt, but since the pixels are too small you can barely notice them. I personally don’t like them!

These are for the guys:

and so is mpreg!

Set 1 looks cute as well. Although, which guy would wear that in Fantage…? Set 2 delivers the “I love mom” message more clearly, however it still looks pretty goth. Again, I don’t like it.

That’s really it for the event, I hope the free gift will be awesome! As always, thank you all for reading and have a wonderful day! If you have any comments, questions, things I forgot to mention, please comment below! Most importantly, spend time with your mother instead of playing Fantage all day.

Update May 10th 2015:


So… That’s the free gift. Nothing great, but oh well! It’s free so we can’t really complain. Now you just have to wait a year or two to sell it. Some of you guys probably already know what it was since you could have just checked using the photo booth, but oh well!



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