Prom 2015

Bonjour! It’s TheSuperAnna01 here! Finally, a new event in Fantage! These events come and go very quickly, don’t they?

Now, every 15 minutes you can vote for a prom queen/king to receive stars in Prom Royalty! And you can buy some new limited edition prom items! …That’s basically it for part 1 of this event. (For now!) The world itself isn’t even decorated.

On April 27th, there will be a part 2 and 3, and on May 4th there will be a Part 4. Event ends on May 6th, 2015. Shame that there’s not more to do now.

Here are the items you can purchase in this event (females):

Marina is reposting this image!

Marina is also reposting this image

Unfortunately, they’re all for members, or you have to buy them with gold, as always! I wish there was at least one outfit you could use eCoins to buy with, oh well. New limited items look pretty good, I think that if you were to change their eyes, the models would look more appealing. Not a big of a fan of the dresses in Prom Dress 3 and 4. I personally think that the Happy Graduation items look… Eh. The hair on prom dress 1 looks beautiful though! I hope the graduation outfits released on a later date (black and red in the “Happy Graduation” section) will look wonderful.

Here are the items you can purchase in this event (males):

guess who reposted this? THAT'S RIGHT! MARINA!

you know who reposted this, right?

They’re all for members (again) or bought with gold. The hair looks okay for the most part, but the hair in the “Happy Graduation” sections looks awful.
I’m sorry, but which guy would actually wear that in Fantage, and in real life? I’m pretty upset that there’s only three in the “Happy Graduation” section, and that they’re all called dresses. Wouldn’t they be called “suits” instead for males? Also there are two “prom dress 3” in the “New Limited Items” section. Get your stuff together Fantage developers. I think the suits look pretty nice as well, but nothing extraordinary.

Here’s the Prom Royalty:

Victoria did look pretty cute but they should've put Orion in there smh

Personally, I think that Cody and Michelle look the best so far. Although, Victoria has an excellent dress for prom. What do you guys all think so far? Comment down below!

Most importantly, thank you all for reading and have a great day! Any questions, comments, stuff I forgot to mention, please comment below!



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