Summer Camp 2015 (June 4th)

Hey guys! Anna’s here. I didn’t talk about summer camp when it first started since I was pretty occupied with various things. Anyways, we have some new limited edition items and now we can find a treasure chest, or a key! And once you have both, you can receive 1000 gold, campfire mallows, Lucky Bot coupons, CCC coupons, and stickers! All I really care about is the gold to be honest. Free gold is the best! By the way, you can buy a key for 200 gold. However, I don’t recommend buying it, since you have the potential to get stars, or stickers…


We also have some new limited edition items! As always, they can all be bought with gold, or stars if you’re a member in the member section.



Eh, I don’t like them to be honest. They’re a bit odd looking, in my opinion…



I don’t like these either. These are almost exactly the same as the girls…

You can also buy the treehouse now! For a limited time! …For only gold or stars! (Stars if you’re a member, of course.) I was honestly hoping there would be an eCoin option, since I have a lot of spare eCoins in my guy account. Seems like I’m out of luck unfortunately.


That’s really it that they changed in June 4th, 2015. I wish they’d make a new exclusive game instead of having us play Fish Fish though, I suck at Fish Fish so much.

Quit edit: After many attempts of playing Fish Fish, I can finally unlock the treasure chest! I hope I get 1000 gold! Alright, HERE COMES…


You have to be kidding me. Ten stars? Just TEN? So there’s another reason why you shouldn’t waste 200 gold on a key, because you can get a terrible reward like this. At least give me something else for my efforts.

Anything I missed? Have any comments or questions? Please comment down below! Have a good day everyone! Sorry that I couldn’t post last week or so about the event.



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