Tomato Festival 2015

Woah, three posts a day huh guys? Maybe I should have made those two other posts in another day, but they weren’t spam so I hope it’s all okay! Anyways, welcome to the Tomato Festival! Did you know: TOMATOES ARE FRUIT. Nope, they’re not a vegetable. Search it up or read a book. They’re classified as a fruit because of the seeds inside them. (Which is what a fruit contains.) Vegetables are normally seeds themselves. (Such as carrots.) On to the event!

Event Information

aww, no funny image title

So don’t forget to grow plenty of tomatoes! The benefit of having a high farm level is that you get more plots, so more tomatoes in a shorter amount of time! Tomatoes cost 320 stars each by the way, so make sure you have tons of stars as well. But don’t worry, you’ll get those stars back once you harvest them!

You also get a medal for growing tomatoes, so that’s pretty sweet.

I guess Anna likes satire tags and I like satire image titles

Regular members can go up to level 10, while premium members can go up to level 20. Not bad.

Exchanging Tomatoes

Here the the boxes you can choose from and how many tomatoes or gold that you need:

but what about the MOST special box

I like how it’s called the “More Special Box” but once you click prize options it’s called the “Spectacular Box.”

Here are the potential prizes for each box:


not the most special of boxes

Update: Apparently the glitch stopped working, that’s unfortunate. There are a few people trying to sell this hair in MyMall, so good luck!

I love the prizes for the Spectacular Box! (Mainly because of the hair.) In fact, I got all of the items thanks to CutieCake4321! There’s a glitch where it actually only costs 100 gold for each box, but you need at least 1000 gold. (Please tell me if it stops working, just letting you know it can stop working at any time. Use at your own risk!) Unluckily for me, I got five gems on my first try (on my main account), and on my second and third tries (on my second account) I got all of the items besides the shorts, and CutieCake sold me it. Thank you very much! You all should check out her blog over here! I hope that once I get the Special Box, I’ll get 500 gold. The more the better am I right?

I always thought this outfit looked cute

Personally I think the whole set looks great with the Picnic at the Park board!


the hair color reminds me of Casey's mint moose

….Can’t say I like these really. The only thing that I like are the shorts, so I’m not going to bother to waste my gold trying to get the items with my guy account and just try with the special box.

Limited Items


Fantage clothes always look more appealing when they're not shown here

I like the shirt, and the board, but the rest is alright.


Hair – 4000 stars, 2000 gold (Wow, the waterpark hair looked better in my opinion but it was cheaper…)

Shirt – 4000 stars, 2000 gold

Pants -4000 stars, 2000 gold

Shoes – 1200 stars, 600 gold

Board – 4000 stars, 2000 gold.

Wow, pricey items.


I don't know why you would want half the stuff in this outfit

I like the hair actually! If the colours were reversed, it’d be like a tomato! But the shirt… THE SHIRT REALLY SUCKS I’M SORRY. THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER WHITE SHIRTS IN LESHOP, GET THOSE INSTEAD.


Hair – 4000 stars, 2000 gold

Shirt – 4000 stars, 2000 gold

Pants -4000 stars, 2000 gold

Shoes – 1200 stars, 600 gold

Board – 4000 stars, 2000 gold.


My thoughts? I personally love the idea of getting items by growing tomatoes in our farms! The only thing I can say is that I really dislike that ordinary white shirt for the boys, and that the prices of hair has gone up. In addition, the boy rewards aren’t that good either. It’s great for females, not too great for males. (I swear… Am I the only one who cares about the males and talks about them? Everyone talks about the girls.)

Got any questions, comments, compliments? ;D Leave them below and have a wonderful day everyone, get all of those items! (Then sell them at MyMall or whatever the next shop will be once MyMall closes down, YEAH!)



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