Treasure Hunters 2015

Hey, it’s Marina. Today, since Fantage has a new event, we’re going to hunt for some treasure…including some of the limited items that have mysteriously disappeared! Wait, what? Well, I guess you’ll have to keep reading to find out…


Some of you may remember the Treasure Hunters event from last year. Others (me included) will only remember it as being that game you couldn’t play because of poison bananas. Well, said poison bananas have apparently really done a number on this temple, because the game associated with it is nothing like what it used to be.

there's some glitch idc about with the shoes but whatever

Instead of randomly hitting blocks, you now have to solve puzzles. Fantage can probably explain the concepts of this game a lot better than I can, so just start a puzzle and click the question mark if you need help. I will say that when a puzzle has numbers spaced out (like 1 2 1), that means that there’s one block, one or more spaces, two blocks, one or more spaces, and then another block. If there’s only one number, then all the blocks in that row or column are next to each other. The game is really easy once you have the hang of it, considering you’re trying to make specific shapes. I’d start with the letters and then carry on from there once you have the hang of it. Of course, you won’t be able to do everything unless you’re a member, but you can still level up a few times if you’re not one.

The special prizes have been brought back from last year, by the way. You get one after leveling your medal up to 3, but since I haven’t done that yet, I don’t know if you get more every third level or if the amount of levels you need increases each time. :/

“Wait, Marina!” said a member of the audience. “I thought you said there were limited items that went missing?”

Yeahhhhhhh. Those. -_-

Limited Items

This is what the Fantage homepage says are the limited items:

am I going to have to bring back the NOT thing from the unicorn event

Note that there are two sets of outfits here for both sexes.

This is what the new limited cart looks like:

why is that girl's head under the cart wtf

(You can also find the cart at Uptown and on the island.)

Notice how the set of items that was on the right-hand side of that picture is suspiciously missing from the cart? Yeah, you can’t buy it now. I don’t know if we’re going to randomly excavate it or what, but it’s not in the Photo Booth, either. (The Halloween clothes for this year are, though, but you’re just going to have to see them for yourself if you want to know what they are.) The premise of this event really doesn’t seem to call for multiple updates, so I’m really hoping that Fantage is going to add the other set in later… Besides, I really, really wanted that hair! ;-;

As for the set we have…


I wish I had the Gold for the dress instead of saving it for a girl who isn't replying to my comments

I like the dress and the gloves, but I liked almost everything on the other set better. Yes, I’m bitter about them not adding it, and yes, you have to share in the bitterness with me.


Hair – 1500 Gold, 3000 Stars

Dress – 3000 Gold, 6000 Stars

Gloves – 350 Gold, 700 Stars

Shoes – 400 Gold, 800 Stars

board with a lowercase B – 1750 Gold, 3500 Stars



Again, I think the other set looks better. Why doesn’t Fantage want people to have nice things?


Hair – 1500 Gold, 3000 Stars

Overalls – 3000 Gold, 6000 Stars

Gloves – 350 Gold, 700 Stars

Shoes – 400 Gold, 800 Stars

board, still with a lowercase B – 1750 Gold, 3500 Stars

So that’s really all you can do for this event. As you can tell, I’m not very happy about the second limited set not being there. It might be better if they had put it in the Photo Booth, or if they said when it was coming out, but right now Fantage doesn’t seem to be giving any indication that they’re putting the set in at all. We wouldn’t even know about it if it weren’t in that picture, but they put it in there. At least the game is fun…even if a lot of the puzzles are member-exclusive. 😛

But what do you think? Do you miss the random brick-hitting from the last treasure hunt, or are you fine with these puzzles? Are you happy there’s finally something to do on the island? DO YOU THINK THOSE LIMITED ITEMS WILL EVER BE FOUND?! 😮 If you have an answer to any of these questions, and even if you don’t, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂

– Marina


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