Unicorn Adventure – The Adventure Lives On

Hey, guys. It’s Marina again, though both the WP Reader and this blog say so before the post, so I’m not sure why I’m still announcing myself. 😛 Anyway, Unicorn Adventure is gone now. 😦 BUT! Were you sad that Kittsay‘s designs did NOT get in this time? Were you looking forward to buying even more of her items? Or maybe you just thought having four outfits on Fantage should have been enough for her. Well, no matter what you think, Fantage went ahead and chose yet another of her outfits. The best part? This time, you can get it whenever you want!

ha haha ha

Oh, Fantage, it’s so funny how you release rare items right after the end of an event that everyone spent all their gems on. Look how much I’m laughing right now. Ha. Ha ha. Ha.

In all seriousness, though, people who have been logging into Fantage daily will get three rubies and three diamonds tomorrow, which gives them the suit and the shoes. Everyone will get three more rubies on the 10th, and people who log into Fantage seven times before the 23rd (so on the 16th at the earliest) will get three moonstones, which gives them the headpiece. Considering how much Fantage likes to make sure everyone gets the new rare items, this means you can have three out of the four items by the 16th without spending any Gold or eCoins. Sounds good to me! 😛

Marina’s Note from the Future: Yeah, uh, I still haven’t gotten that mask. Or the suit. WHY, FANTAGE, WHY. I THOUGHT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MAKE SURE PEOPLE GOT THE NEWER RARE ITEMS FIRST, BUT NOOOOO. -_-

So that’s– Oh, yeah, there’s this thing.


You can now play games and get three times the Stars you normally would (six if you’re a PM). At first I thought this was just for members, but apparently not. If this carries over to Fantage Comet, I’d play I Love School Words because it’s quick and gives you a lot of Stars. If not, then…uh…Fashion Show? Wild Rumble is apparently good, too, but I’m probably just going to be lazy and not play any games this week, anyway. 😛

Also, for those of you who are members or can borrow friends’ member accounts, the MyMall searching is fixed now. Yay! (This is honestly more exciting for me than the game thing.)

So what do you think of this update? Were you surprised to see Kittsay’s items actually did get in, or were you expecting something like this to happen? Do you think she should make a deal with Fantage to replace the current pixel artist? (Though I swear Kittsay puts some magical protection spell around her designs so the pixel artist doesn’t ruin them with terrible shading…) Will you be playing games to try to get Stars, or are you just going to try to outlazy me and ignore all of that? Are you wondering why Fantage just won’t let the unicorns go? Or maybe you’re just too sad that I will NOT be able to say NOT like this anymore, assuming this is the last unicorn-themed event we get. Well, no matter what your answer is, feel free to comment it below!*

*Again, we’ve moved, but we still don’t tolerate offensive comments.

– Marina

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