Water Park 2015

Part 1:

Greetings everyone! It’s Anna.

*waves back*

Finally Fantage has a new event that isn’t about just buying their poorly pixelated and designed items! (OR IS IT?) It’s called the Fantage Water Park event. Let’s look into it, shall we?

yes they can

O-Oh… So it really is all about buying their poorly pixelated items. Unlike the last event, you can go to the cruise or the beach and go on water slides, or moved by water! That’s pretty much it for now. I guess it’s entertaining if you’re young, but if you’re a teenager like me watching your own avatar going on water slides isn’t fun. They also show on the left of avatars wearing clothing from a previous event. I have those items, but unfortunately I’m not a member anymore so I can’t wear them. In fact, I have a lot of good swimsuit items but nope, I’m not a member and eCoining doesn’t exist anymore. (Sigh.)

Now time for the only thing Fantage cares about, the exclusive limited items!


what are outits?

It’s not that bad compared to the last event! I like the doughnut. (Too bad I’m low on gold, ugh.)


Hair – 3,000 stars, 1,500 gold

Glasses – 1,600 stars, 800 gold

Doughnut Tube – 1,600 stars, 800 gold

Shirt – 4,000 stars, 2,000 gold

Pants – 4,000 stars, 2,000 gold

Vintage Car Board – 4,000 stars, 2,000 gold

Shoes – 1,200 stars, 600 gold


only girls get outits wtf I'm sorry but that typo was just wrong

Eh…. Why would you carry a green doughnut… It’s mediocre at best. Why don’t the guys have glasses?


Hair – 3,000 stars, 1,500 gold

Doughnut Tube – 1,600 stars, 800 gold

Shirt – 4,000 stars, 2,000 gold (The shirt isn’t even that good though!)

Pants – 4,000 stars, 2,000 gold (I’d still buy the pants to be honest.)

Vintage Car Board – 4,000 stars, 2,000 gold

Shoes – 1,200 stars, 600 gold


So that’s all for now folks! It appears that the Fantage developers aren’t even trying at all anymore. What happened when they had creativity in these events? Oh well. Any questions, comments, compliments? (;D) Leave them down below in the comment section! Have a great day everyone and enjoy your day swimming in a virtual pool instead of going in a real one! Or enjoy your day if you’re actually going to go swimming! See you all later!



P.S. If you’re waiting for your drawing request, my pen tablet is working right now so later on I’m going to be posting a few of them!

Part 2:

Anna’s here. Proceeding with happier news (since I’m pretty sure we’re all upset that Selena and Rop will be leaving soon) the Starfish Hunt has began! You can also grow limited tropical plants. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

First off they added some new outfits, that increase the amount of starfish to appear. To be honest if you’re a non-member I wouldn’t buy gold just to increase the chances, but rather wear them for the purpose of looking good! I think the outfits aren’t that bad either, I like them.


because I have to to repost it

I really want the board but I have no gold, eheheh. I also want the hat but too bad it’s connected to the hair instead of being an accessory. Not a fan of anything else though really.


Hair: 3000 stars, 1500 gold

Glasses: 1600 stars, 800 gold

Romper: 7000 stars, 3500 gold

Bracelet: 1600 stars, 800 gold

Shoes: 1200 stars, 600 gold

Board: 4000 stars, 2000 gold


my name is Marina

Not that big of a fan, but at least they have glasses this time!


Hair: 3000 stars, 1500 gold

Glasses: 1600 stars, 800 gold

Shirt: 4000 stars, 2000 gold

Shorts: 4000 stars, 2000 gold

Bracelet: 1600 stars, 800 gold

Shoes: 1200 stars, 600 gold

Board: 4000 stars, 2000 gold

The Starfish Hunt

Every thirty minutes, a starfish hunt will begin! Check downtown to see when the next starfish hunt is. I’m pretty sure the hunt lasts for around four minutes (wow, that’s a short amount of time) and you have to explore Fantage to catch as many as you can, similar to the Fantage blackout event!

You should see a timer, and how many points there are in each team on the right side:

Anna didn't originally give this picture a funny title

And if your team wins, you get this screen (even if you didn’t get any starfish at all):

or this one sob sob

To be honest… I don’t see any starfish. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t wear the items, or if there’s something wrong with my side. I would show what they look like, but because of this unfortunately I can’t. Sorry guys! Can someone please clarify for me if I have to wear something to see something or not?

Tropical Farm

We have new limited plants here! Coconuts and pineapples! Did you know: Coconuts caused more deaths than shark attacks every year? Make sure your fantagian doesn’t get injured while growing them, proceed with caution!

bad cropping by Marina wheeeeeee

Time, price, and experience given shown above.

did your minions ever rise



So that’s really it for this event! Thank you all for reading. If you have any questions, please leave them below! Have a great day everyone!

But before I leave, does anyone actually read these posts, or care enough about them? I recently saw a blogger talk about how they see the same post about the same event every time it comes out, so I’m curious as if I should continue writing these or not. Should I continue writing these posts and talk about them in a negative view in any way possible, because I’m actually a realist here, or should I just stop writing them and post other stuff like outfits to wear for a certain event? Please leave your opinions below! If I don’t get any comments, I’m going to stop assuming that no one really reads these.




What do you think?

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