How to Earn eCoins

Hey, guys! You know, Fantage seems to have a thing for Stars and Gold lately. It’s almost like they’re in some super-secret relationship or something. Anyway, with all the things being sold for Stars and Gold, a lot of people have forgotten about the third currency Fantage has: eCoins.

With recoining gone, it’s not like there’s a lot that’s worth spending eCoins on compared to the things you can get with Gold, but eCoins are always nice to have – especially if you’re a nonmember and really, really, really want that cute new item at LeShop. In addition, you can only buy Magic Codes, IDFone wallpapers and accessories, costumes, level locked items, and furniture with eCoins (or Stars, but that’s if you’re a PM/at the level needed for the stuff).

In my opinion, eCoins are actually harder to earn than Stars or Gold. Gold is easy to earn with a kiosk on the first floor, some wanted items, and a little luck; Stars pretty much fall into your lap on Mondays and Fridays if you sell the Cody pet items at Lucky Bob’s. Compared to those, there’s no way to get a lot of eCoins quickly…but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them at all (despite Fantage trying as hard as humanly possible to make eCoins unobtainable for PMs). Read on to find out how…

(I’m only going to be covering the efficient ways to get eCoins. You can buy them with real money, get tons of them from LuckyBot, or convert Gold to eCoins, but none of these are 100% reliable, the conversion is definitely not worth it, and you should really be spending your money on Gold or a membership if you absolutely have to spend it on something Fantage-related.)

Method 1: Being a Noob

This is the easiest way to get eCoins. Imagine being able to earn over 7,000 eCoins for free within a few minutes. Imagine not having to watch any ads or count on LuckyBot to do this. Now realize that the only way to do this and actually be able to keep these eCoins is by switching accounts.

If you’re switching to a new account, do Michelle’s tutorials (you need to be on the English servers for this – registering on the Spanish server gets you one of four exclusive outfits but doesn’t give you any eCoins). When you have to buy something, buy a starred item, and buy the cheapest one there is. You’ll end up with about 7,500 eCoins for your trouble, which you can then spend however you please.

Also, on your fourth day of Fantage, you’ll get 500 free eCoins, so there’s that, too.

Method 2: Watching Ads

This is the easiest way to get eCoins without making another account, provided you’re a nonmember. See that little eCoin at the top-left of your Fantage screen?

Yeah. This guy.

Yeah. This guy.

If you click that, you’ll be taken to an ad. Ads vary depending on where you are, but unless you have the worst luck on the planet, they generally last from 30 seconds to under a minute. You don’t need to watch the ad for the entire time, either – just let it play while you get a snack, check your blog, do something on your phone…as long as you don’t close the window you have Fantage and the ad open on, it’ll still count. When the ad is done, you’ll receive your 30 eCoins.

Like I said, this is an easy way to get eCoins, but it’s kind of boring, too, so you’ll probably want to take a few breaks. Besides, if you watch too many ads, the eCoin won’t reappear on the top-left of your screen, and you’ll be forced to watch ads from your IDFone, which only earn you 20 eCoins as opposed to 30.

Method 3: Inviting “Friends”

This is one of the few methods of earning eCoins that works for everyone, even members. What you do is make a bunch of new accounts, say you invited them on the registration page (so put your username where it asks you if anyone told you about Fantage), and play on each account for an hour or longer. Both your main account and your new account will get 100 eCoins.

This method can be used alongside method 1 if you’d like to have a separate account with tons of eCoins. It’s very slow, though, so I’d generally just watch the four ads you need for 100 eCoins if you’re a nonmember. If you’re a member, well…this is one of the few times I pity the people who buy membership. :/

Method 4: Just Being Patient/Lazy

As you might have noticed, the daily prize for the first day is always three rubies and 500 eCoins.

I think we've all seen this screen. Multiple times. Possibly more than we've actually seen anything else on Fantage.

I think we’ve all seen this screen. Multiple times. Possibly more than we’ve actually seen anything else on Fantage.

If you’re too lazy to get eCoins any other way, you can just log in at least once every two weeks and be guaranteed 500 eCoins. There are also days where you can randomly get 300 eCoins from the daily prizes. 500 alone won’t buy you much, but if you don’t spend them (because there’s almost nothing to spend them on), they’ll definitely add up. 😉

I hope this helped anyone with a burning need for more eCoins, and I’m sorry if you’re a PM and have to resort to making accounts or spending Stars on items you won’t even be able to use after your membership expires. If you have any tricks for earning eCoins that I didn’t already cover, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂


  1. very helpful! Thx!


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