How to Take Full Advantage of Premium Membership

Anyways, I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard of free premium membership week! (Or if you’re reading this at this point of time, it already passed. However, this guide is now towards those with premium membership!) I’m here to tell you things you should do and what you should not do in this week to take advantage of it! Unfortunately, I can’t take full advantage but I could tell you guys who have tons of free time what you could do! Oh, andthings you could do but it doesn’t really matter.

You Should…

1. Invest!

When I mean invest, I mean waste all of your stars buying those limited items, and grab the PM gift. In a year or two, those items will be worth something, so you can grab extra easy gold from MyMall, or whatever the new building and currency will be in Fantage once some people have found a way to hack the system, so Gold will be obsolete along with eCoins. Who doesn’t like easy Gold? Go on people, take full advantage!

2.  Get Medals That Will Increase Your Level as a Non Member!

Some medals you’ll need the membership to help you with this one. I’m pretty sure we all know that the seahorse level stays overtime. But did you know that it’s the same with pet levels? (Well, pets levels are for nons and members alike.) It’s much easier to spend 200 stars on an egg than to buy a magic code for a lot of eCoins, so you can level up your pet medal faster. Don’t forget to walk them as well, for an additional level. You can also get the luxury item for each pet, and they don’t go away when your membership expires! Medals and items? Count me in!

3. Use the MyMall Search

Now you don’t have to waste 20 gold every time you search something! Use this to see average prices of items, so when you do buy items you’ll know if it’s a deal or a rip off. Good for future reference, and good if you’re willing to buy items now at this time!

(Optional) 4. Waste Your Money On Pixels

Y’know, premium members get double the gold. If you’re one of those people who obsess over gold and have some money, it’s now your chance to purchase it. Or, if you have a Karma Koin from GiftHulk or you just saved it for these times, use it!

You Shouldn’t…

1. Waste Stars and Gold

Don’t spend your stars and gold on items only for premium members. (Unless you’re buying it with gold because the price is cheap, and you can sell high later.) A week is shorter than you think, soon you won’t be able to wear the item anymore. (Should have bought it with eCoins if you bought it with stars.) Besides, you should use stars for investing, as said in the “you should” category. 😉 And Gold should be used to buy old items, but you could totally use them for investing too, like me! (I’m literally obsessed with investing. Go blame my family, they’re large investors. I was taught this way.)

Things You Could Do

1. Buy a Bestie

Besties actually stay with you as a non member, so if you really want a bot that will follow you and say useless things then sure, waste your stars.

2. Visit the VIP Room

It’s not really exciting, but it’d give you a head start for fashion shows. Besides, didn’t we all want to go there? Also, you can get a free kit that you won’t be able to wear in a week. Sweet.

3. Play Games

Double the stars. (Stars that you can use for investing!) Unfortunately, you don’t get double the stars for multiplayer games. (And those are what I play the most.)

4. Dye Your Hair.

Like everyone else nowadays. It’s only 10 eCoins, nothing really big to lose since they’re obsolete.

5. Get those level locked items.


I’d recommend not to get items that you really want to wear as a non. Once you get the free version that members can only get, you can’t come later and buy the eCoin version when your membership expires. I learned this the hard way. 😦


That’s all I can think of this morning. Find any errors or new methods, please inform me! Have a wonderful premium membership week everyone! Hopefully I can post more in the future.


  1. I have one suggestion if you don’t mind? I dyed my hair during free membership week, and I went my other account to see if it actually let’s others see it, and I learned that no one else can actually see it. Honestly I think it’s a waste of ecoins. Just a tip. 😀


    • That’s true (5-months-late replying rofl), you used to be able to see other users’ dyed hair, which was really popular. A lot of girls with the purple tiara hair died it brown and died a ton of other really popular hairs, too. I think it was censored either because of an error/glitch or because users were tricking each other into thinking they had a certain recolor of a real hair. xP

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