The Secrets of MyMall

Please note that this guide isn’t complete, but majority of it is finished.

~MyMall Guide~

Greetings everyone! AnnaArso’s here. Today I shall educate you guys tips on buying, and selling items in MyMall.
This guide will include the following:
-Things you should never sell and buy.
-Things you should sell and buy.
-A reasonable price for an item.
-The location of your kiosk.

1. Things You Should Never Sell

In real life, time is money. Same applies in virtual lives as well. Now, you may be thinking, “why shouldn’t I sell this? I have no use for it, so why not?” For the most part, it doesn’t matter what you sell, but there are some items that won’t sell at all. So you’re going to end up wasting your precious MyMall permission time. It is possible that it will be bought, but on extreme rare occasions. You’re better off not trying to sell them at all, and plenty of other people are trying to sell them as well.

Things that people will definitely not purchase:

  • Items obtained from playing pet games, or obtained from Cody (blue/pink/purple yarn, blue/pink/purple fabric, blue/pink/purple stardust)
  • The free fashion show starter pack
  • Items that non-members can buy with stars
  • Anything overpriced

Things that people will most likely not purchase:

  • Items from Cody’s Crazy Combos (trust me, plenty of people are already trying to sell theirs, and most people get those items from the daily attendence anyways)
  • Items from lucky bot (same reason as Cody’s Crazy Combos)
  • Rare items (unless they’re new, or the popular rare items such as Cleopatra’s Sandals.)

2. Things That Will Most Likely Sell

Not only is there a fair share of unwanted items, but there’s also plenty of things that people DO want.

Such as:

  • Limited edition items (especially the ones bought by eCoins/gold)
  • Items with an older year placed on them (for example, 2010 glasses)
  • Items you can’t get anymore besides from MyMall (even without the limited edition mark on them, people seem to purchase them)
  • Popular items (basketball hair for example)
  • Popular rare items (Peace Out Tee for example)
  • Marina’s Tip: If you have a REALLY good kiosk, you can get clueless people to buy items from Fantage Comet, which can be easily bought with stars. (Fantage Comet is accessible using the app, so good luck if you have it!)
  • Marina’s Other Tip: You can also get clueless people to buy the better-looking items from Trendsetters (mostly the ones that are retired from the shops, like the Adorable Pink Ribbon hair or the Springtime Blue Dress) if you put them at a low enough price. MyMall displays luxury items as limited, so they’ll see these items and think they must be retired from events. And since you’re selling them coined and for such a low price, it has to be a good deal!

3. Reasonable Pricing

Just remember, 1,000 gold = 1 dollar. Before you sell something, ask yourself. “Would I spend *insert an amount of money here* for virtual clothing?” Before placing items for sale, check the other prices for that item. You’d want to place the same price for the lowest price of that item, or even less if you’re willing to. Items that are eCoined are worth more, so be on the lookout for that as well.

4. Kiosk Location

Not everyone has time to search up the item. And most likely they browse around to see what they come across, and see if they like that item or not. The best place to place your kiosk is on the first room of the first floor. If you can manage to get a spot, take it. The other great spots for your kiosk are in any room in floors 1-5 and floor 50. If you can not get a kiosk on those floors, your best bet is to place an item on the first room in any floor. And most importantly, do not use one of the rooms that MyMall gives you, because they’re normally rooms that no one goes to which is why they’re available.

5. Things You Should Buy

~Under Construction~


If you have anything else you’d like to add to the guide, comment below! I’ll be sure to credit you!



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