What to Do with Leftover Gems

If you’ve played long enough just like I have, (or you spend too many eCoins/Gold on gems) you’d have a bunch of leftover gems (because you’ve already gotten all of the items from the gem) from the daily attendance, and a few other events. So here I’m going to tell you ways to use those gems!

Sapphire Gems

If you have a lot of leftover gems that you’ve gotten from actually playing games, here is what you should do. On Mondays, Fridays, and sometimes Thursdays, Lucky Bob’s will purchase clothing items from you. The outfits from the sapphire gems are worth the most (60 stars without the roulette) so sell your outfits, go to Orion’s Rare Finds and use the gems again to get those items back.

If you have a lot of leftover eCoined gems (from the daily attendance, events, or you wasted eCoins on them for whatever reason) sell any starred rare sapphire items just for extra stars (besides the outfits, so you can still make money from them) and just use those eCoined gems afterwords to get the items again, while not having any leftover gems. I repeat, do not sell the outfits because you can not sell eCoined gems, and then you won’t make money from Lucky Bob’s in case you have leftover starred sapphire gems.

Ruby Gems

Note: Applies to girls only!

If you have all of the ruby rare items, that must mean you have the famous Cleopatra’s sandals. (That literally every girl wears, for some reason!) Make sure that your sandals are coined, (if not, sell them at Lucky Bob’s and wait to get them from the daily attendance) and sell them at MyMall. People actually buy them often, so it should be sold. Then, get ruby gems again and sell them again! If you have a lot of leftover eCoins, you can buy ruby gems just to get some gold profit.

Marina’s Note: If you’re trying to sell as many pairs of sandals as possible, make sure you have a good kiosk. You don’t need one on the first floor, but you’ll be less likely to sell your sandals if your kiosk is 46G-7 or something. Nonmembers tend to go through the lower floors looking at all the kiosks instead of searching up items (since it costs Gold), and the closer you are to the bottom and the elevator, the more likely you’ll be to sell your shoes. You have a lot of competition, so location is definitely key!

Emerald Gems

~Under Construction~

Diamond Gems

~Under Construction~

Black Diamond Gems

~Under Construction~

Moonstone Gems

~Under Construction~


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