Crossdress Challenge

In Animal Crossing New Leaf, I often crossdress. I look like a sexy dude. ;D

So I was really inspired by my peculiar hobbies, so I decided to make this crossdress challenge.

Objective: Try to look like the opposite gender of your fantagian account.

This is actually VERY difficult to do, but I think I did a good job!

cross dress

The hardest part was deciding what hair to wear, they’re all pretty girly…

Anyone is free to do this challenge- be sure to comment results! I am ready to see some handsome girls or beautiful guys. ;D


P.S. Be sure to enter our contest on BRD! Win a $50 karma koin! Or have me win it. It’s up to you. ;D



Thanks to CutieCake, I managed to get enough Gold for the limited dress!


Thank you SO, SO, SO much. No, really. Sadly, I only have about 700 Gold right now, so I can’t exactly pay you back yet, but I will as soon as I get the chance!  🙂

And to answer the probable questions of everyone else reading this, 1. I’m still on vacation, 2. I haven’t been going on Fantage very much, 3. the contest for $50 in Karma Koin gift cards is still going on on BRD (so join today and get posting!), and 4. I’m on BRD daily.

I’ve also gotten back into ACNL recently, but my Internet here doesn’t like letting me visit other people for some reason. I’ll check out dream towns you post the addresses of here, though! mainly looking for your guys’ towns and ones with cute clothes to take home

Thanks again to CutieCake, and to everyone else, have a great day!


One Day A Fantagian Will Sue Me for This…

there were no vids for the past day because of school

browsing the fantage clubhouse

and i find gold

TBH I like doing these videos, I might start doing them daily LOL

kill me please

you want more of my godly voice

i deliver

yuki’s contest prize:

more new vidyas

bc i know you al lieked the previous one

don’t forget to disliek, commant, and unsebscribe

lesson of the day: do not say that bae means poop in danish bc we know it already and children are thirsty af