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More stupidity from Downtown!

So right after I posted that last post, I went back to Downtown…and saw some real intelligence at work here, people.

Besides the general lack of knowledge people have about Karma Koin gift cards and what they do, I saw:

  1. Three or four people were alternating between asking, begging, and screaming for people to have a fashion show at their houses. Why they couldn’t have done this themselves is beyond me. Then, when someone sensible pointed out that Fantage has an actual Fashion Show game at Top Models, all of these people said some variation of “no”. And promptly went back to screaming.
  2. A girl in the middle of the big crowd in Downtown asking some random other person to move every five seconds. You are in the middle of a crowd, lady. It’s not going to magically part for you. Then instead of doing what any sane person would do and moving up higher where fewer people are, she just used her scepter to grow and started screaming about the hangout at her “plc”. (I don’t really get why people can’t be bothered to type the A or the E, but I digress.) And then when a normal-sized girl stood on her, she got all worked up about it, because a regular-sized Fantagian is totally going to prevent people from clicking on you when you’re huge. Yeah, okay, then.
  3. This exchange: “Stop following me.” “I LOVE YOU!” Clearly these people have learned their ways of showing romantic affection from Twilight.
  4. This other exchange: “Hi, your cute!” “I no.” “It’s I know, not I no.” “I no.” “It’s I know.” “And it’s swag.” The “I no” girl was also holding “bea” tryouts, just FYI.
  5. Someone thought MyMall was an overrated place to ask for items and started asking people if they had bunny nose. Because the average Fantagian Downtown has all kinds of wanted items from five years ago!

Also, for everything that happened that made it to this list, there were about a million people hosting various tryouts. At least one of said people did not actually check their house in the middle of all this tryout screaming, because they had to be told multiple times that there were a lot of people waiting there.

And on an unrelated note, sorry for not posting a lot, guys! Between ACNL, SMM, and real life, I haven’t had a ton of time for Fantage. I’ve mostly been on to recruit and to restock my kiosk/get more permission, but that’s it. I did notice that they removed the eCoins you get when you make a new account, though. (But they’re always changing things about the registration process, and you do still get eCoins for completing Michelle’s tutorials.)


P.S. Thanks for helping us get 10,000 views, guys! 😀


The Adventures of AnnaArso

Random fact: My old email used to be

My brother made it for me when I was 7. I was so excited, and felt like a special snowflake.

Anyways, I finished my exam and in all honesty I don’t know how I should study for my French one, so I’m taking a unnecessary break.

So join me in my Fantagian adventures, where everyone should be at school right now!

i really like this outfit

I actually really like that outfit for whatever reason. The blue headband usually looks terrible with other hairs, but it’s pretty nice with this one!

Also, I feel like addressing that I won’t be making fashion posts anymore. Most people make them, so I feel like there are too many fashion posts nowadays. Brace yourself with random adventures and satire.

…..There’s like no one on Fantage right now.

So just have some images I made (Note: They’re definitely not memes, and I don’t understand why people make images with hilarious/accurate captions and call them that. These are more like motivators, but I don’t understand why they are called that either):


slopping be like this

So I was going to make another on where it says, “Fantage: The game where you can online date aka sit beside them with a heart bracelet.” However, this happened when I tried to wear my heart bracelet:


As I say this, someone is probably going to steal my idea… But anyways, thanks for your love and support Fantage! Guess I can’t wear bracelets anymore.

Also, is it just me or it’s REALLY easy to be unique as a guy on Fantage? I made this outfit on Seth, and I think he looks great!

unique man

It’s probably because almost every guy will either wear a recolour of these hairs from Luckybot:

so good

Or Easter, or the Summer Fun hair.

They’d also have those blue eyes.

Along with essentially the male counterpart of the female popular items…

Anyways, there’s not much else to say especially when barely anyone is online, and I have no idea where half of the people in the most crowded server is.

Well, time to TRY to study for my French exam!


Fantage: Cringe Channel

Hello everyone! I’m your host, TheSuperAnna01, and toady I’m going to check out servers in Fantage, to find Fantagians that will make us cringe! Please grab some popcorn, as you’re going to join me and my pet Blizzy in this cringe adventure!

me and blizzy

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you die of cancer.

Alright, let’s see how the Fantagians in Blueberry Bobcat act!

Star Cafe:


Aww, only the usual that’s happening, someone bullying someone with more items than them. How cute.



“you lost your baby”

“ya i did”


10/10 best mother of the year, shows no concern.


[crying externally]



Translation: Whats laugh out loud in that?

That doesn’t even make any sense.


In Fantage, Bae = Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Significant other

Assuming that he’s hetero…

“Any girlfriend guys plz”

I’m so sorry pal, you’ll find one eventually. She’ll probably end up being a smelly teenager the internet, but you’ll get there!

Small commercial break, this post is brought to you by Yoshi.

being a guy is suffering.png


Alright, unfortunately we didn’t see anything too awful in Blueberry Bobcat! But how wonderful will Burgundy Bullfrog be?

Star Cafe:


Someone is 3 years late.


oh oh mighty bubble please bless us all with hope and stuff

respect the bubble

praise the bubble

who needs vaseline when you have bubbles

oh thank the good lord messiah bubble


okay what does this even mean?

Bae Tryouts:


i honestly can’t understand


oh look bubble guy needs a bae now



*blushes while crying*


So I became a plane:


he told me to come to his place and change back to normal

so I did


he then proceeded to cheat on me



This is more like Fantage Adventures than Cringe Adventures. If you’re used to Fantage, this is all just normal.

This post is also sponsored by my clone. 🙂

smh this girl has no taste

Remember before you go to bed folks: I’m always watching you in the Star Cafe.

i am always stalking you

This has been the worst cringe channel ever. Disappointed in your content, Fantagians.


Social Experiment – Nons vs Member Bae Tryouts

So you see, I wanted to see if people truly cared if you were a member or not. It’s pretty obvious that people will like those with expensive looking items- but does membership really matter?

I stole Nunnally’s account and my own, just to experiment.

Basically, in order for this to work there must not be any extra factors besides their membership status. Their levels are the same, and they’re wearing similar clothing. (Besides the pants and the shoes, but they’re similar to the point where no one will really care.)


Yes, I used this image before.

Not that great of an avatar, but I wasn’t willing to buy a lot of gold just to look great.

Oh, and before doing this experiment I saw Sally:

found you sally


part one

People count: 9 Girls, 1 Guy (LOL)

Round two, the non member:

part two

People count: 8 Girls, 1 Guy with bodyguards

Conclusion: It doesn’t really matter, you should probably have a good looking outfit.