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How to Get People to Accept Your Stupid Offers on Fantage

Ever want someone to buy your item for a ridiculously high price?

Ever want to offer something in a trade that’s worth much less than the item you want?

Ever want to buy something off of someone for a ridiculously low price?

Well, listen to my amazing tips on how to get people to accept your stupid offers on Fantage!

1. Tell them that this item is worth more/less than the actual value!

You’d tell them that the item is worth more when you’re selling and trading your item, but less when they’re trying to sell an item to you!

A great thing to do is say, “I saw this item for *inset an amount here* at MyMall earlier!”

I mean, there’s absolutely no proof to back that up whatsoever and even if you did actually see it that person probably ended up never selling/was a trade/that person has no idea how much it’s worth and they got it sold instantly!

Now some people are intelligent enough to save that item and actually sell/trade it to someone who isn’t trying to take advantage of them, but some people in the world are desperate. Look out for those, and take full advantage!

2. Beg until you annoy them to death, where they’d have to give you the item!

I like using phrases like, “plz give me plz plz plz plz plz”

“i thought we were friends awesome”

Make sure they’re your “friend” before begging, because friends are more likely to not ignore you.

You should probably guilt trip them too, saying “but i have a whun and two daughters that i adopted from those stupid baby tryouts”

3. Say that you’re borrowing their item!

Y’know, claim that you just want to use it for an OOTD. Then don’t give it back. Don’t forget the best excuse: You “forgot” that you had it! 🙂

But if they’re your true friend, they’d forgive you. But also forget to sell it back to them as well! 😀 (FOR MUCH HIGHER, PROFIT MAN!)

Remember: Tell them to go first in a trade!

I mean, you can’t trust anyone! And once they’ve proven they’re trustworthy, remove them on Fantage and walk away happily, as you just scammed someone. :))))

I hope this totally helped you guys, you greedy little children who resorts to dirty tactics trying to get cheap virtual pixels.