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Never Enough ECoins

I really want some eCoins. There are so many tops, outfits, hairs, that I want. However, I don’t have any. Because of school, I’ve been going on Fantage less so I’m not getting as many eCoins from the daily attendance. 😦 Bleh.


The struggle of being poor is too real. I don’t even have a lot of gold or stars.

I mean, most people are like, “I want more Gold!” and I’m here being like, “I want more eCoins.” I can’t believe people who can save up so many eCoins, there are so many ways that you canwaste those eCoins on! So if you’re one of those people who save up thousands of eCoins having no idea what to do with them, I’m here to inform you how to properly use them so that you’re just as poor as me!

1. Buy Bonus Levels

If you have a lot of eCoins laying around, why not waste them on bonus levels? Everyone desires to be a high level for some reason! (I didn’t even try too much to become level 699, it just happened after my premium membership expired. Mainly from seahorse catching and hatching pets though.) You can look like you’ve played Fantage for so many years when realistically you’ve really just wasted eCoins to be a higher level. Way to go!

2. Buy Pets

I actually kinda regret buying pets with stars when I was a member, because now the only way to get all of my pets eCoined is to reset my farm. (Why can’t I reset them separately?) =_= So if you never plan on buying a membership, go buy pets! You get a free luxury item once it hatches, you can increase its medal for more levels, you get an extra level for hatching it, you even get more medals for walking it, and lastly you get levels for feeding it an unhealthy amount of treats that you find laying in the ground that are probably diseased!

3. Buy Luxury Items

So you can be high in the trendsetter list. Someone who stares at the list will be like, “wow, this person has a lot of items.” There are also bonuses for those who have a percentage of the trendsetter items, so you can be a show off and wear one of those.

4. Buy Gems

Y’know, for a high trendsetter list. In addition, if you get one of those rare items that are overrated, you can sell them at MyMall for Gold! Transfer those obsolete eCoins for some Gold sounds amazing.

5. Find and Buy Hidden Gems in the Shops

There are so many good outfits you can make using the clothing in MyMall. You don’t always need to buy those limited items that you can only get at MyMall nowadays to dress great. Go ahead, browse those shops! (If I had a lot of eCoins, I’d use it just to buy these great looking tops and bottoms.)

6. Buy Good Looking Boards and Sell Them at MyMall

I haven’t had the chance to do this myself, but I’ve heard that apparently if you buy cool looking boards in Loco Boards and sell it for around 500 gold, chances are most little kids won’t realise it’s from the shop and they’ll buy it, thinking it’s a item for cheap. In addition, if you buy a luxury item it will look limited in MyMall, which will make people more attracted to it. I heard it from Meme from FantageLovelies.

Now, for number 7… The one we’ve all been waiting for….


I feel like later on this is going to become a thing where people will realise that I truly an obsessed with investing, but I’m not even kidding. You know, a lot of retired items are worth a lot in MyMall! (Usually the previously popular ones.) But seriously though, if you have too many eCoins and you want to take a chance at guessing “which item will expire next that people will really like?” Go ahead. You’ll thank yourself later for investing in said item once you’re swimming in gold.

Note: If you’re planning on investing, don’t spend your eCoins on luxury items because most people will know that they can literally get it in the Hall of Fame, even if it’s not sold in the shops anymore.

Investing Suggestions:

  • Because of the popularity of the Animal Wheel board, I think that’d be a smart investment after it retires.
  • I see a lot of girls are into the Green Rain Coat. It’s worn pretty often.
  • Bright Green Top is pretty nice looking, I can see people buying it once it retires. Same with Green Wrap Top, Blue Feather Tank, and the Checkered Top. (Really, just buy whatever you think looks appealing, and whatever most people are wearing that are from LeShop or other shops.)
  • Don’t forget about the really good looking hairs in Stellar Salon.

That’s really it for now. I know it’s extremely vague, but most of these are really just a gamble and I don’t observe every single person. Just decide for yourself what you think you should invest in! :>

After making this list, I really want millions of eCoins now. Time to watch those videos for thirty eCoins! 😀 I’m going to be making a “how to make eCoins” guide for those who are as desperate as I am to get eCoins soon after using all of the information given to me from those who applied to be an author for FantageRop. I’ll be crediting each and every one of you, and if you’d rather not have me use your content I’d remove ones that were specifically from you!

So have a great weekend everybody, enjoy it while it lasts!