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Back to the Basics: Panda Pullover

Hey, remember when we used to do fashion posts? Well, as you can probably tell, the admins haven’t really had the time or energy to make those lately (but we DO have an AMAZING guide on how to make your own fashion posts!). Another thing you can probably also tell at this point is that we’re not huge fans of being generic. So, without further ado, I’d like to present our new fashion post category: Back to the Basics! Are you tired of looking the exact same as everyone else at MyMall? Do you wish you had more options for enjoying your hard-earned popular items besides 1. genericness or 2. reselling them? Well, then, this category is for YOU! Now you can be completely original by copying using our own outfit ideas as inspiration! Who knows, maybe these kinds of posts will even become a trend, meaning that looking original will become generic. 😮 Okay, I probably shouldn’t make everyone’s heads explode, so…

Today’s Item: Panda Pullover


We all know and love (or hate) it. This item was released during Summer Camp 2015 and, despite its mediocre shading, it managed to become worth tens of thousands of Gold in a matter of months. (Funny how that happens… Probably because I didn’t buy it right away, but oh well.) Now, people who want it are forced to scream about it at MyMall, and people who have it are encouraged to sell it for “Min So Gimme”.

(Also, for all the nonmembers in the audience, panda pullover is guaranteed to be coined. It was only buyable with Gold during the event it was in, so don’t worry about not being able to wear it.)

Onto how to wear the hoodie. People seem to love wearing panda pullover with short shorts (despite the fact you can’t even SEE them), Cleopatra’s Sandals, and [insert some random generic accessories here]. Sure, that looks…okayish, but we can do better! Panda pullover is actually very casual, so it probably looks best with jeans or leggings. It looks like more of a winter top, too, so scarves work very nicely with it while also managing to cover up some of the crappier shading. 😀

Well, enough of my yammering, because I’m sure you guys want outfits in this outfit post:

I wear chalk too muchit physically hurt me to take chalk off for thisthis hair will always make me think of Coraline

Yes, I know I’m wearing chalk and other popular stuff in these outfits, but the point is to combine popular items with less-wanted ones, not necessarily to wear one popular item with a bunch of shop items or whatever. Really, it’s making the popular items look original that counts, at least in my book. 😉 (Plus you can substitute hair and other things you like with these outfits, but I don’t really care for most of my hair/boards/etc. so that’s why I’m wearing chalk.)

So what did you think? Has my post inspired you to put together some new outfits using popular items? Do you want to see me do this with any specific items in the future? (If you do, just suggest them!) Do you think I love chalk too much? Well, no matter what your answers are to these questions, feel free to leave them in a comment below!


P.S. Also, those other outfits I made with panda pullover are all fine and nice, but we all know the REAL best way to wear it: