Welcome to Fantage Marianna! This blog is a combination of both of its founders’ names, Anna and Marina! Although, Casey and Nunnally are also important admins. 😉

tried to twin with bae

About Anna:


Greetings! I’m AnnaArso, but you can just call me Anna. I despise nicknames for the most part, so PLEASE don’t call me anything other than Anna without my permission!

I love to draw, blog, and socialise with people! (Mainly my friends though.)

I’m not sure what else to say really, so here are some fun facts about me:

  • I’m fourteen years old. My birthday is March 30th.
  • I have a boyfriend, and I’ve been dating him for almost three years. (At the end of October, it should be three. We haven’t kept count to be honest.)
  • I like to look at young relationships and bet that they’ll break up. (I’m such a hypocrite, but c’mon if you look at my relationship with my boyfriend you’ll know that we’re not your generic teenager relationship. Also known as, we talk about investing by having millions of hamsters producing electricity and we like to make potty jokes.)
  • I go to a Catholic high school, but I’m non religious.
  • You can find me on Fantage in low populated servers, hiding from the crowd, usually away from the computer.
  • I love obsessive yandere/yangire guys. (Used to like tsunderes, but they’re lame and butts.)
  • I’m a hardcore shipper. Get in between my ships is like asking for a death wish. :^)
  • I can’t think of another fact right now.

About Marina:


Hey, I’m Marina!

Aside from going on Fantage, I like gaming, reading, and doing random stuff on the Internet…with context, of course. I also help run a forum if you’re into that sort of thing. 😛

Random facts about me:

  • My favorite color is this specific shade of blue. The hex code for it is #2ABCF0.
  • I used to go on Bearville (and blog in the WP community associated with it) until it closed earlier this year, so I didn’t join Fantage until February 16, 2015.
  • My “signature” look on Fantage is currently that pink hair from the exclusive limited item event with the elf ears.
  • I’ll usually be in a quiet server on Fantage unless my friends are in a really busy one or I’m recruiting. I would tell you to check Scarlet Starfish, but I think it’s gone for good now. ;-;
  • Sometimes I watch anime, but I don’t think anyone here would like the stuff I do. Plus I have a nasty habit of starting shows and never finishing them.
  • I mostly listen to music from games or old songs from the 70s/80s. I’m not a fan of most contemporary bands.
  • I’ll come up with something else later.

About Casey:

someone call an ambulance

Hi, I’m Casey. I don’t really have anything to say so…

Random Facts About Me:

  • My favorite colors are blue and green. Any shade except neon. I mostly like this combination of blue and green
  • I’m in college, age 19.
  • I was incredibly popular on the game Bearville before it closed down. (Marina was also but she failed to mention it)
  • I am the moderator of this forum here.
  • I love romance anime.
  • I love music. Mainly alternative/postcore and kpop. (Many of you know I love Daesung.)
  • I’m a concert addict.
  • I’m a hardcore TMI/TID/TDA fan, I even dressed up as Izzy to go see the movie in theaters with fake rune tattoos and all. My OTP is Malec and my favorite family is the Carstairs family, no I do not like Herondale’s.
  • I’m nice until you do one of my pet peeves, bash Daesung, or bash Malec, or even say you love Will over Jem.

About Nunnally:

kira id fone.PNG

Hello! You may call me Nunnally.

I like reading and writing and drawing, and sometimes these hobbies come together to make something magical. I also really like anime and video games, though I’m not sure anyone else would be into the same stuff as me – I like cute manga like Sailor Moon, but then I also like Lychee Hikari Club (which is considerably darker).

Random Facts About Me:

  • I am the exact same age as Anna. Seriously. We even share a birthday.
  • Even though I can read it, I don’t understand a word of Arabic.
  • I am especially fond of art and literature with psychological elements.
  • My favourite ships are also the strangest. For example, I ship Natsume and Madara, and Izaya and Tsuna both get shipped with everyone they know.
  • My taste in music is somewhat unpredictable. It ranges from classical violin pieces to battle music from the most hardcore of video games.
  • I’m introverted, although I don’t always seem like I am.
  • You can usually find me in quiet servers on Fantage, unless my friends are in a busy server or I’m hunting for ladies to join my harem.
  • I love the concept of romance, but I don’t want anything to do with it myself.
  1. ♬ ❀Ameee❀ ♬

    //I see that vaseline in the header ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  2. Can you get on BRD? 😛


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