Happy Holidays 2015

Frohe Weihnachten!

Nunnally has returned from the Nether, and in style with a report on the details of Fantage’s latest event: Happy Holidays 2015.

Seat yourself comfortably with a mug of steaming hot chocolate, and allow me to inform you about this predictably Christmassy event.

Part One

happy holidays 2015 event info.PNG

Christmas is a holiday traditionally celebrated in honour of the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s more of a commercial holiday nowadays, though. Whether you’re religious or not, Christmas is a great time to just enjoy precious moments with your family and friends and steal all the chocolates out of the Quality Street tin before your twat of a younger brother eats them all.

Before you set off into the snow to enjoy the festivities, you’ll need to rummage through your wardrobe for the ideal outfit.



These outfits are just so cute. I’m not sure whether I want Kira to have one of these lovely ladies on his arm, or have him wear these outfits himself.

The third outfit doesn’t really seem Christmassy, in my opinion. But it’s still pretty in purple.



Rudolph Plushie Hair – 2000 gold

Festive Mitten Purse – 750 gold

Reindeer Costume – 4000 gold

Red Nose Shoes – 500 gold

Gift Box Top Board – 4000 gold

Ameee’s Outfit

Hair with Beret – 2000 gold, 4000 stars

Sweater – 1500 gold, 3000 stars

Black Jeans – 1500 gold, 3000 stars

Flats – 500 gold, 1000 stars

Carrot Nose – 1000 gold, 2000 stars

Apriss’ Outfit

Hair – 2000 gold, 4000 stars

Dress – 4000 gold, 8000 stars

Scarf – 750 gold, 1500 stars

Heels – 500 gold, 1000 stars



The third outfit is just so pleasing. Maybe there should be a Kickstarter for a ballet starring Kira as the Nutcracker and someone just as beautiful playing the role of Clara.



Reindeer Plushie Hair – 2000 gold

Festive Gift Box – 750 gold

Reindeer Costume – 4000 gold

Red Nose Shoes – 500 gold

Gift Box Top Board – 4000 gold

Ameee’s Outfit

Sleek Top Hat – 2000 gold, 4000 stars

Shirt – 1500 gold, 3000 stars

Black Jeans – 1500 gold, 3000 stars

Sneakers – 500 gold, 1000 stars

Carrot Nose – 1000 gold, 2000 stars

Apriss’ Outfit

Nutcracker Hat – 2000 gold, 4000 stars

Gloves – 1000 gold, 2000 gold

Nutcracker Costume – 4000 gold, 8000 stars

Nutcracker Shoes – 500 gold, 1000 stars

Rosie Cheeks – 1000 gold, 2000 stars

Now that you’re looking as fabulous as Kira’s booty, you can strut out into the frosty streets to enjoy absolutely ridiculous amazing events such as…

Decorate the Tree

I don’t know the joy of decorating an actual Christmas tree. I’ll have to settle for decorating this pathetic potted plant virtual tree instead.


Simply click on the tree and you’ll see this:

decorate tree.PNG

Then click start.

naked tree.PNG

And enjoy dressing up this poor naked tree.

Runaway Rudolph

Rudolph has apparently gotten tired of Dasher stomping on him with his hooves all the time, and decided to run away. And because Santy Calls’ elves are on strike, it is up to Fantagians to find Rudolph.

Here’s a rundown of how this all works.

There should be a button on the left hand side of your screen, with a picture of Rudolph and the words “Runaway Rudolph”. If you click on this button, you’ll be brought to this screen:


Focus on the words at the bottom.


You must use clues like the one pictured above to find Rudolph. You are rewarded with snowflakes, which you can exchange for different prizes, and medals.

This is the medal for this event:


Keep in mind that there are many hints, and everyone receives random ones.

As you can see, I have yet to find Rudolph…

If Rudolph’s status says that he is “AT HOME”, then just wait a little for Blitzen to throw a barrage of snowballs at Rudolph and a new clue to appear.

Holiday Parade

The holiday parade is a brilliant way to showcase your unique seasonal fashion sense.

what the what.PNG

If you too would like to partake in this clearly popular event, locate this billboard in Downtown:


Ensure that you know when the next parade comes by, so you can ready yourself in time.

To actually join the parade, you need to click on the billboard, and this will show up:


Just press that big green button and you’ll join the parade, yay.

Mmkay, that’s it for the first part of Happy Holidays 2015! Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this. I’ll be writing about the second part once it stumbles through the door.

If you have any questions, just comment below.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s hope it’s a good one!

  1. Happy holidays 🙂


  2. Meanwhile if Marina or I did it, we’d be talking about the negatives of the event, LOL


  3. I’ll be Kira’s arm-candy. 😉
    The third outfit designed by Apriss is from The Nutcracker which is actually a movie typically shown on Christmas, so yeah its Christmassy. XD


  4. So I wasn’t the only one disappointed at that pathetic potted plant!


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