Valentine’s Day 2016

I have decided to stop being lazy and make an effort to post more on this blog, specifically posts that are actually enjoyable.

I shall start with a report on Fantage’s celebration of the fourteenth of February: Valentine’s Day 2016. Let’s just dive right in, shall we?

valentine's day event info

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrating the beautiful idea that is love, though it was originally Saint Valentine’s feast day. Although it’s thought by most to be a day for lovers, I believe it’s a perfect opportunity to take advantage of sales and gift something nice to someone you love to show your appreciation, whether it’s your boyfriend or just your best friend.

Limited Items


As you can see, there are three limited item sets available this year.

I quite like the girls’ outfits as they’re really cute, especially the first outfit with the wonderfully coloured hair and spotted dress. And I like the class of the third outfit. I’m not sure about the boys’ outfits, however – I don’t very much like facial hair on male Fantagians, and that bobble hat is a little silly.

So here are the prices of each item set…


Outfit One

Valentine’s Hair with Headband – 3000 gold

Maroon Top with Pink Dots – 2000 gold

White Skirt with Maroon Trim – 2000 gold

Strappy Maroon Heels – 1000 gold

Sweetheart Accessory – 1500 gold

Outfit Two

Full Curls with Black Sunhat – 3000 gold

Red Heart Glasses – 1500 gold

Red Flared Dress with Fur Vest – 4000 gold

Pink Buckle Heels – 1000 gold

Outfit Three

Ash Blonde Ponytail – 3000 gold

Black Gemstone Earrings – 1500 gold

Bouquet of Red Roses – 1500 gold

Black Crop Top with Bangle – 2000 gold

Gold Sequin Skirt – 2000 gold

Black Slingback Sandals – 1000 gold


Outfit One

Brown Wild Hairstyle – 3000 gold

Valentine’s Blazer with Bowtie – 2000 gold

White Trousers – 2000 gold

Brown Canvas Shoes – 1000 gold

Sweetheart Accessory – 1500 gold

Outfit Two

Beanie with pom pom – 3000 gold

Red Heart Glasses – 1500 gold

Geo Patterned Sweater – 3000 gold

Triple Washed Jeans – 3000 gold

Feezy Sneakers – 1000 gold

Outfit Three

Ash Blonde Pomade – 3000 gold

Scruffy Goatee – 1500 gold

Bouquet of Red Roses – 1500 gold

Urban Blazer with Pink Shirt and… – 2000 gold

Urban Khaki – 2000 gold

Blue Loafers – 1000 gold

Card Trouble

card trouble

In this event game, one collects stamps so that Michelle can send cards to her friends. These stamps are generated every ten minutes, and can be found anywhere in Fantage. If you can’t find stamps or just can’t be bothered, you can just buy them.

buy stamps

This is the medal for this event game.


There’s another important aspect to this game, and it’s that Fantagians are separated into two teams: Heart and Strawberry.


Most of the prizes are from prior Valentine’s Day events, but there are a few new ones.

prize booth girlsprize booth

So there is a glitch that won’t allow you to claim your prize, even if you were on the winning team. All you need to do is log out and back in again three times.

Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Card

If you have no sense of creativity, you can click on this little sign, which can be found in both Downtown and Uptown, and create your own Valentine’s Day card.


Here’s the card I made for my dearly beloved.

muh valentine's card

New Limited Home

Have you ever wanted to live in a strawberry possessed by this painting?

the scream

Well, now you can, for just 5000 gold!

new limited home

Yay, my dream can finally come true!

So that’s it for Valentine’s Day 2016. Thank you for reading all of this, and please comment below if you have any questions.

You be good, see you tomorrow. I love you!



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