Adventures in Wonderland 2015

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Anna. So, right after Summer Camp ended, Adventures in Wonderland started. I wish we actually had breaks in between the events, instead of one coming right after the other. So, let’s see what we can do this year, shall we?

I'm going to try to finish as many of these as possible tonight

Nice typo there Fantage developers. I totally want to go to the Qeen’s garden. Who’s Qeen?

Queen’s Garden

you put an extra U in Qeen's name

To come to the garden you can click on “Go To Qeen’s garden” in the Event Info section, or go through the rabbit hole in the forest. It’s easier to go through the Event Info section, since you don’t have to go through an annoying cutscene.

Rose Area

I should make a WTWI about that girl's hair

Eh. Boring. It’s mainly a hangout place. For now, at least.

drugs aren't cool no matter what blog this post is on

I honestly wouldn’t spend 50 gold just for this. I heard apparently it makes you really small, or really large. Is it just me, or the description of the product makes it sound like it’s some sort of drug? Don’t do drugs, kids.

Limited Items 


nobody will ever want that hair


nor will they want this hair

They were really lazy this year, huh? I’m not interested in these at all. I’ll still buy them though so I can sell them at MyMall next year for profit!

There are more things coming up later, as you can see in the event info. Personally, I’m not interested at all in this event. Pretty boring in my honest opinion. I also haven’t really been playing Fantage much lately, especially since I’m busy with school and I like to spend my time watching Hetalia. I’m addicted to Hetalia, please help me.

June 15th Event Update:

New items! They’re actually better and not cards this time.



I wish I had gold so I could buy that hair for the White Rabbit!


well maybe not if they're boys

I don’t know why, but I feel like these outfits looked better for the girls than the guys…

The Enchanted Doors

and another event down yay

Eh. I found this boring to do. It’s pretty easy, and if you’re bad at memorizing I’d suggest capturing your screen of the parchment. If you don’t know how to do that, search it on google. Don’t do this unless you care about your medal level.

Please tell me if I missed anything, or if you have any questions regarding this event! Enjoy your day!


Note from Marina: If you want details on the second part of this event (Attack of the Queen) as well as a list of what clues were used, you can find a post about that here.


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