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Learn about some TOTALLY legit Fantage facts you NEVER would’ve known about if you didn’t follow this blog!

Totally Legit Facts About Fantage!

(I made this a long time ago, but I was afraid of the attention this post will receive. Well, let’s see the results.)

Welcome to TheSuperAnna01’s totally legit facts about Fantage! Where I says facts that are one hundred percent true, that I totally did not make up for humour purposes! All of these facts should be taken seriously because they’re absolutely, without a doubt real! Let’s get started, shall we!?

1. The Fantage world actually exists in real life in another planet!

Have you guys heard of Kepler 452b that was recently discovered? It’s a planet that’s similar to earth that’s about 1,400 light years away from our solar system! Which means it’d take about 26 million years to get there. But did you know that the creator of Fantage knew about this planet before anyone else? Yes, the creator did in fact obtained the philosopher stone so he/she could live forever. With this immortality he spent 26 million years travelling to find another planet that has existing life, in which he/she succeeded! But at the time the only life form on that planet were plants. So with black magic the creator created admins to live on Kepler 452b, and made a system to where anytime someone registers an account on a person is created to live on that planet. Now that other humans have discovered this planet besides him/herself, he/she is a bit concerned that one day humans might contact Fantagians, making a huge chaos.

2. The reason why the chat filtering system is so bad is because…

Remember how I told you guys that Fantagians actually exist and they live in Kepler 452b? Well, they actually don’t have the ability to speak very well. So when you type something and it doesn’t show, that’s because the Fantagian can’t say that word. Which is why you have to make them speak gibberish all of the time, since they actually have the ability to speak gibberish! Their English skills may not be great, but they have amazing gibberish skills!

3. Little Codies are dinosaurs.

I know, I thought they were bears as well! Well this fact will literally SHOCK you.

Here’s a picture of the little codies:

Old image, I know.

Here’s a picture of a baby dinosaur:

See what they have in common? They have no claws. And little codies are basically babies. Yes, once your little codies reach the age of 9000, they will turn into a terrifying dinosaur.

4. This is what Fantage TRULY stands for:

F – selFish

A – cAts

N – Now

T – Take

A – Authority

G – Gof the (G IS SILENT!!!)

E – Earth

Yes, the creators and admins are cats.

5. This is what whun TRULY stands for:

W – Wicked

H – Hideous

U – Users

N – who-Needs-to-go-outside-more-iNstead-of-dating-people-they-do-Not-kNow-oNline

6. Fantage is better than Club Penguin.

Now, you might be saying, “but Anna! Isn’t that opinion based?” Well I am here to tell you that it’s not an opinion, it’s a FACT. And I’m here to PROVE it! Did you know on my male account on Fantage my username is “TheBlueYoshi01?” On my Club Penguin account (where I always used to dress as a boy because why not) my username is “Yoshi Green2.” Blue is the most popular colour in the world, so it’s better than green. Also, my favourite number is zero, which my Fantage username has. Therefore, this proves that Fantage is better than Club Penguin. Also… Penguins do not have hair, they have freaking feathers what are you doing Disney!? By the way, the Club Penguin world doesn’t exist. While Fantage is located on Kepler 452b. Realism for the win!

7. Gold on Fantage is 100% Fake

You heard me. Not only is it virtual cash, but fake virtual cash. Did you know that one gold ingot is 25 pounds? Fantagians are holding thousands of gold ingots, and it costs around thousands to purchase items from them too! That’s impossible for an ordinary Fantagian to hold! So yes, all of your “gold” on fantage are actually plastic since any other type of medal would obviously be too hard to carry for your Fantagian.


(Okay guys, on a serious note just in case you actually believe this or you think that I’m stupid, I just wanted to let you know that I’m just joking about these facts. I was inspired by Clickhole and HotFeed to make this post. Personally I find ridiculous facts which are obviously fake about a serious topic hilarious, which was the point of this post. Hopefully some of you guys share the same humor as I do and chuckle once or twice.)

If you want more, comment down below! This was extremely fun to do! See you all later.