An Easy Way to Recolour Using Paint Tool Sai

Anna’s here. I’m going to show you an easy way to recolour using paint tool sai. Please note that it probably won’t work on all colours, and that there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your desired colour. This guide is mostly useful if you’re recolouring hair that’s a light colour (for example: blonde) but not white, and dark colours might not work at all. In addition, this is good if you want to get an unnatural hair colour, such as green or blue. You also need Paint Tool Sai for this.

I’m using the prince charming hairstyle, because why not? We’re going to make prince charming fabulous. 😉 This is also a very old version of paint tool sai that I’m using, so I would assume you could use all versions really.

1. Get your hair you want to recolour and load it on paint tool sai.

not fabulous

2. Go to filter, then press “hue and saturation.”

slightly fabulous

3.  Change the hue meter, scroll through it until you get your desired hair colour.

getting fabulous

(Optional) 4. Change the luminescence meter if you want to make it a bit lighter.


5. BOOM, you have your recolour. Prince charming is now fabulous. It’s that quick and simple. Edit it on to your avatar as you wish now.

So yeah, if you’re lazy like me and you want to quickly do something instead of filling it in pixel by pixel, that’s the way to go! Have fun with recolouring!


  1. I’m conventional I use Paint
    I’m so cool I know xP


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