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Ways to Wear It – Fox Scarf

Hey, guys! Before we begin, I’d just like to point out that Anna and I are both back in school now, so we probably won’t be posting as much. (Not that we were posting a ton before, which for me personally was due to laziness/the arrival of our, but I digress…) Anyway, in order to prove that the only real way for me to get stuff done is by procrastinating on other stuff, I’m putting off working on some graphics and bringing you our first fashion post of 2016! (Though no, it’s not Daily Fashion…) 😛

Today’s Item: Fox Scarf


This scarf is pretty cute, but it has the unfortunate problem of coming in a size and color that…kind of limit what you can wear with it. The scarf was a limited item from an event back in fall 2013, but you can still find it at MyMall for a (hopefully) reasonable price! Members are obviously going to have more luck with this since coined versions seem to be few and far-between. :/

Since this scarf is so…noticeable, and clothes you wear with it will be so…hidden, it’s generally best to wear plainer tops and bottoms in neutral colors (like black, white, cream, and brown, to name a few). It’s obviously a winter scarf, too, so dress warmly!

yes I know you want to have your set KATIErare pose wowyes I can finish the sets now

And have a fourth outfit, because I managed to do the unthinkable.

I made a LuckyBot item work so well that I’d…actually…seriously…consider wearing it. 😮

I'm just as shocked as you are…

I’m just as shocked as you are…

Yes, I know Casey made a post featuring the green version of this sweater, and that LuckyBot items can look cute if worn properly…but still! I actually used one in an outfit I really like! That’s huge! And it requires a lot of exclamation points for some reason!

So, uh, which outfit is your favorite? 😀



Ways to Wear It – Animated Frisky Blonde

Remember when we used to do fashion posts on a regular basis? 😮

So, as you all know from my last post, I had about 125,000 Gold burning a hole in my pocketCutieCake was nice enough to help me out with that little problem by letting me buy her frisky for minimum price (21,000). Thanks, CutieCake! Anyway, I’m sure you all see where this post is going, so…

Today’s Item: Animated Frisky Blonde


I know, I know, it’s expensive/hard to get. But for those of you who do have frisky, I’m going to be showing you how to wear it without looking completely generic, i.e. like this:

generic outfit

I can’t believe I actually wore that…

Ahem. On to the actual outfits! Frisky is more of a tomboyish hair, and it doesn’t go very well with any hair accessories, so it’s not as well-suited to really girly outfits. Here’s what I’d wear with it:

I TRIEDpeacefulthis outfit is pretty much a repeat of the first one but oh well

Yes, I know a lot of these outfits have other expensive items (as if frisky weren’t enough to suck up everyone’s money), but you can find some pretty good substitutes at LeShop. 😛

So what do you think? Which outfit is your favorite? Do you even like frisky, or do you think it’s massively overrated for what it is? Are you hoping I won’t keep wearing PM-exclusive items? (But I really like that top…) Or maybe you’re just jelly of all the new things I bought, even though I’m only wearing like three of them in this post. Well, whatever you have to say about this post, as long as it’s not offensive, feel free to say it in a comment below!


Comment le porter – Bunny Earmuffs

Bonjour ! Je m’appelle AnnaArso. Aujourd’hui est très spécial. Pourquoi ? Tu vois, je parle en français ! Je suis désolé si mon français n’est pas bon, je ne parle pas français après l’école. 😛

Le élément de la  journée : Bunny Earmuffs

double cutness happy CUTE AS FRICK HAIR

C’est très mignon ! Je ne sais pas pourquoi les personnes le ne porte pas ! Tu peux acheter Bunny Earmuffs à Hall of Fame. Cettes cheveux sont pour l’hiver, alors habiller pour la neige! 🙂 Ma tenue préféré est le troisième. Quel est ta tenue favori ?

Peux-tu parler en français, où est-ce que tu utilises google translate ? Si tu sais français beaucoup, est-ce que mon français n’est pas bon, ou bon ? S’il vous plait, dites-moi !

Bonne journée, toute la monde ! 🙂


Ways to Wear It – Explorer’s Outfit

Hey, it’s actually Marina! I kind of feel like I’ve been letting you guys down lately, what with not posting and letting Anna and Casey cover events and fashion stuff. Well, since some new items (though going by everyone else’s posts, they only released hair) just came out and I happened to buy every single one of them, I thought I’d make a Ways to Wear It post!

Today’s Item: Explorer’s Outfit

cute shirt

I have no idea why they’re calling this an outfit when it’s a top. I also don’t know why they didn’t want to capitalize the “o” in “outfit”, but I’m just going to use a capital O here because that’s one of my pet peeves.

This top looks good with a lot of the fall shop items, by the way! But since the only fall shop items I have right now are two tops, one (sort of ugly) pair of boots, and a board, I’ll just be wearing the board in all of these outfits. 😛

Here’s what I’d wear with this top:

what I was actually wearingI am still not Coralinemore sparkles than a vampire from Twilight

I’d say the first two outfits are more casual while the third is better for a formal occasion. Also, in case you couldn’t tell…

  1. I like that headband.
  2. Possibly enough to make a post about wearing it in the future.
  3. I don’t have a lot of hair accessories that go with this top AND with any of my hair.

What do you think? Did you miss my fabulous posts? Are you shocked that there’re more new items besides the hair? (Being honest, I do like the hair, but I also really like the other items from this event. Which is kind of why I bought all of them instead of saving my Gold for useful things.) Are you confused as to why I even like that headband that much? Do you think I should stop wearing expensive hairstyles with everything? Though it’s not like I actually own inexpensive hairstyles that look good… If you have an answer to any of these questions, and even if you don’t, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂


Ways to Wear It – Black Star Hoodie

Today is a special Ways to Wear It, because instead of just styling female items I shall now style an item for guys, because let’s be honest, we have too many fashion posts for girls, and none for guys. I think Luke from Some Asian Fantagian is the only guy who does fashion nowadays.

So allow me to contribute!

Today’s Item: Black Star Hoodie

black hoodie

For a cheap price of 750 eCoins (or stars, if you’re a premium member) you can own this neat top!



I did an alright job… I barely have any items on my guy account, eheheh… My favourite has to be the first one, I’m probably going to wear that now. What’s your favourite? Should I do more fashion for guys, or should I not care about them? Comment below!

Speaking of Luke from earlier, while I was trying to dress this hoodie, I saw Luke. He’s AFK it seems though.


I really like his board. And his clothes. And his hair. I want them all…




Ways to Wear It – Red Battle Hair

Today while browsing MyMall trying to steal trades, I came across a hair that costs 10k gold, for only 6.5k gold! And I’m here to style it before I decide to sell it on MyMall for profit. Or maybe this hair will grow on me and I’ll never feel like selling it. I’ll probably end up selling it.

So yeah, two fashion posts for you today!

Today’s Item: Red Battle Hair

red battle hair

I don’t know about you, but I love majority of the battle hairs. This one is in a nice little ponytail on the side. 🙂

red outfit two red outfit one red outfit three

Eh… I don’t think I did that great of a job, but I did pretty decent. I like the second one I created. Which one is your favourite? Comment down below!

Oh, and if you want to buy the hair from me, feel free to ask! We can negotiate, I’m definitely selling it less than 9k though. 😉 (You’ll save at least a thousand gold with me!)


Ways to Wear It – Black Boots

Hey, everyone! I was actually going to post this the other day, but for some reason I didn’t end up doing that. Anyway, since Casey was incredibly generous and got me a pair of Black Boots for my birthday, and since this is a Ways to Wear It post, I think we all know what’s coming next…

Today’s Item: Black Boots

First of all, unlike most shoes on Fantage, these boots actually layer OVER everything that isn’t a board or hair. This lets you make some fabulous outfits. 😉

Unfortunately, I STILL don't have Kittsay's mask…

Unfortunately, I STILL don’t have Kittsay’s mask…

For those of you who don’t feel bootyful enough (no pun intended) to pull off this outfit, I have some other outfits that are less fabulous but will do in a pinch.

These boots look best with darker, tighter pants or shorts, by the way. Skirts are mostly a no-no, as are baggy pants. This is because the end of your pants or skirt will be covered by the boots in some places yet look normal in others. Outfits are more of a case-by-case basis, but long gowns and the like definitely won’t work with the boots, unless you want to look fabulous. 😉

(If you don’t have the boots and want to get them, good luck! They generally go for 10,000 Gold or more…if they’re starred. They’ll obviously cost a ridiculous amount more if they’re coined. :/)

I need a better white body accessoryI could've sworn I used this outfit for some fashion post before but whateverI REALLY need a better white body accessory

I know some of these items are harder to get at MyMall, but I figure anyone who has the Gold for the boots isn’t going to have a huge problem getting anything pictured here. Besides, there’re lots of great replacements for all of these items at LeShop, Stellar Salon, and the Board Shop! 😉

Which outfit is your favorite? Be sure to leave a comment below!


Ways to Wear It – Haunted House Shirt

Marina’s here with another Halloween fashion post! Today, we’ll actually be looking at an item intended for Halloween. 😛

Today’s Item: Haunted House Shirt


This is one of those generic popular shirts that a lot of people want. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to find for a low price at MyMall! I got mine for 800 Gold, but you’ll be more likely to find it for 1000 Gold or more. (Also, I know it’s a starred item, but nonmembers can wear it, too! So don’t be afraid to buy it if you’re not a member. :P)

Since everyone knows what this shirt looks like with other generic popular items, I’m going to try not to use those in this post! I’m also going to try to keep these outfits somewhat Halloween-themed…unlike the outfits in yesterday’s post.

this hair looks good with this hair accessorythis post should be about styling the headband insteadI wish I had better hair for this

Yeah, I know the second outfit looks a little generic, but I tried, right? And that headband goes with a lot more hairstyles than I thought it did. 😛

Also, we’ve reached 1,000 views! I wouldn’t have mentioned this, but this blog has only been fully up and running for a week now. Since my own blog has only gotten 2,000 views in seven months, I really wasn’t expecting FM to get this many views so quickly. I guess I was mistaken…

So thanks for reading our posts and viewing this blog! Be sure to tell me which outfit you like best in the comments! And while I don’t think I have enough Halloween things for another Ways to Wear It post tomorrow, I’ll be sure to post another Halloween fashion post soon… 😉


Ways to Wear It – Galactic Dress

Hey, everyone! So I’m sure you’ve all read this post of mine by now, and if you haven’t, I just linked to it. I talked about having a few Halloween-themed fashion posts, and this is one of them! Today’s item isn’t specifically Halloween-related, but the color scheme and the look of the item in general make it a great choice for the season. 😉

Today’s Item: Galactic Dress


This dress was a prize from the Light Up event back in July, so I’m sure most of you have it! If not, you can try to get it at MyMall. 😛

Since the dress is so formal, I’m going to try to dress it up a bit. I’m also going to wear the Black Feather Board in all these outfits, because it goes so well with the dress and it’s the only nice black board I have.

I am totes not CaseyI am totes not Coralinea lot of black

These are what I’d wear with the dress! I know they’re not very Halloween-y, but I really don’t have a lot of Halloween things. Besides, you can wear these year-round. 😉

I also know I’m wearing a lot of popular hairstyles in these pictures, but you can find other hair at Stellar Salon that looks just as good. Go ahead and experiment to find out what works best for you!

Which outfit is your favorite?

Ways to Wear It – Gorgeous Blonde Hair

This is going to require a little explanation. When I started out on Fantage, before I even had a blog about it, I really liked the Gorgeous Blonde Hair (and its CCC recolor, which was pretty much my signature hair for a while). Seeing pictures like this one (credit to Amberliya) made it one of my most wanted items…but, unfortunately, it was never coined at MyMall. Now, even before the fiasco with my brown BB hair, I knew that starred items were unwearable unless you were a PM. What I didn’t know was that this only applied to some starred items (though Fantage really never made it clear on which ones those were). So time went by, I got Kittsay‘s blonde hair, and I mostly forgot about this particular hairstyle – until my BFF Katie started wearing it. And as the result of an experiment we tried, I now have her old hair! (Katie bought one for herself, so she still has it.) Thanks, Katie! 🙂

As you might have guessed by now, this post is about…

Today’s Item: Gorgeous Blonde Hair

shockingly enough, this image is not reposted from FR

This hair was from December 2013, but I don’t know whether it was from an event or just a shop item. Wherever it’s from, though, anyone can wear it, and it usually goes for minimum price at MyMall! (This being if you’re lucky enough to find it at all, since nobody seems to like putting it up anymore…)

The hair itself is pretty versatile, since it doesn’t have any built-in accessories you have to take into consideration. I’d say it looks better with more tomboyish/casual items than with anything really frilly or formal, though. You also have to take the size of the hair into consideration – things like the Mouse Band work with it, but a lot of other headbands don’t. Experiment and see which items work best for you!

neither is thisor this oneyeah, you get the picture

You might have noticed that a lot of these outfits look suspiciously like outfits I’ve worn before, only with a different hairstyle. Well, that goes to show you how versatile the Gorgeous Blonde Hair is! It barely even needs its own post about how to style it, but I thought the hair could use a little more love. Seriously, guys, when I go to Google it, I only get random popular hairstyles. 😦

Also, as a bonus, this is how I would’ve styled this hair back in March… (Except for the shoes, which I JUST realized were off. They’re meant to be the leopard flats, but I don’t really feel like changing the image because you can tell what the outfit is and I have to finish something else.)


Uh, yeah, that’s sort of cute, but I’m not as big a fan of those shorts anymore. Or the shirt. Or the scarf. Yeah…

Which outfit is your favorite? 😛