How to Earn Stars

I’m pretty sure at one point we’ve all searched up, “How do I get tons of stars in Fantage?” However, there isn’t really an answer, or the results are, “How to earn Gold/eCoins” Sometimes, you just want to earn tons of Stars. So be prepared to be educated on the most efficient methods to earn Stars!

There are many games to play that will give you stars, some will give you more than others (really depends on your score) but in all honestly, they don’t really give a good payout, most of them will reward you with around 30-50 stars. (60-100 for members.)

Games you should play (for stars):

There are some games that will give a pretty awesome payout, but there are some certain conditions. If you have plenty of items, Fashion Show and Fashion Battle are one of the best games! (Fashion Battle gives a great payout (half of your score) if you win, especially since it doesn’t take a lot of time, however you’re only given 3 tries a day and if you don’t win, you don’t get anything. No consolation prize.)

Wild Rumble is also great, but you must have powerful pets. (Holiday pets, Cody pets, and Ribbon pets are really good.) If you’re a non member, you’ll most likely have a hard time with this game. If you’re a non member, I suggest getting all of the Cody pets before you try, but if you’re really strategic and your opponent isn’t, you might be able to win with just two, or even one! (Is it just me, or most of the time your opponent is a bot?) I usually get around two hundred stars when I win a game, so it’s not a bad way to get stars!

Games you shouldn’t play (for stars):

Mouse Out. It’s part lucked based on your layout, it’s hard to master, and even if you do complete hard mode you’ll get like around 15 stars. (Non-member.) That’s lame.

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Other methods:


If you want to make small profits, plant stuff in your farm! You will never lose any money, since once it fully grows you’ll get what you spent, and some extra stars in the process. Usually limited plants for certain events give a lot of stars, so when there are limited plants plant them as soon as possible and harvest as soon as possible! So that you’ll end up with a lot of stars in the process.

Marina’s Note: Be sure to harvest your plants as soon as you can, though, or else you’ll run the risk of one of your “friends” stealing them for Sun Energy. -_-

Daily Attendance

I think everyone hates getting 500 stars from the daily attendance, but you know what? It’s better than nothing. And 500 stars isn’t so little!

Pet Treats

If you have a pet that gives out 10 stars every treat they eat, excellent! You’re going to easily make 70 stars in a short amount of time, because it isn’t hard to find the treat and you literally just click on it, wait for your pet to eat it, and easy 10 stars is coming at your way. Easier than playing a game, in my personal opinion.

Marina’s Tip: Cody Items from Pet Games

If you already have the Cody pets or you don’t really care to get them, on Mondays and Fridays (sometimes Thursdays) you can sell the items using the roulette or just selling them to him! You’ll AT LEAST get 60 stars from each item, and you can get these items from Cody for free by clicking on him every once in awhile.


Got any more ideas? Be sure to comment below and if it’s good, then I’ll be sure to add it to the list and credit you!



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