Desperate for Gold?

This is a guide for anyone desperate to make some gold. It’s not guaranteed, and it takes a long time. Personally for me, I’ve gotten like around 5000 gold in total (so far), really. Oh wait, that’s not too bad!

You will need:

  • Tons of patience
  • Accounts that you don’t care much about (you’re going to end up selling all of their items.)

What to do:

  1. Make sure you have your accounts. You can do it with just one, but if you want to be more efficient then have multiple accounts.
  2. Once you have them, log them in Fantage everyday until you’ve gotten seven days, where you’ll get some crazy combo coupons and three moonstone gems.
  3. Once you gotten those moonstone gems, go to Orion’s and turn them into a rare item. Keep on logging in until you get a free MyMall permission, then sell that rare item!

That’s really much it. Once you’re satisfied of the amount of gold that account has, transfer it to your main Fantage account (by buying an item from your main account.) Sometimes it won’t let you buy something from an account that’s on the same computer you’re playing as, so you might have to try buying from a different computer unfortunately.

By the way, don’t forget to log in when Fantage gives out free items for a certain event, so you can sell that item in a later date for some more gold! Use lucky bot coupons and crazy combo coupons on weekends to increase your chance of getting a good item and sell them as well.

Oh, and you know how you get a lot of eCoins from the Daily Attendance as well? You see, you can use those eCoins to invest in items that you think will be worth a lot in the future or buy cool looking boards and sell them for 500 gold. Some oblivious person won’t realise that you can buy it from shops and think that it’s just extremely cheap.

With leftover gems, check this guide over here.

That’s pretty much it, but as said it takes a long time. Only use this guide if you’re too desperate! (Like I am!) If you have any more ways to get gold, please tell me! I’ll credit you, so leave those comments below!


  1. misspiggy12093847

    I’m not really desperate but, I don’t have enough e-Coins to buy this hair in Stellar Salon anyone willing to sell ‘Electric Violet Hair’ for 500 gold? I’M NEED THAT HAIR…… lol

    Liked by 1 person

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