Pet Codes

Need help hatching pets? No problem, Anna’s here to provide you the codes required to hatch each pet!

Marina’s Note: I’ve tested all these codes on my own account and every single one of them should work. If Anna and I both messed up with a code somehow, though, please let us know! Do keep in mind that if you hatch pets out of the left-to-right order, you may end up being told your combination is wrong. In that case, just hatch the pet closer to the left first. It’s annoying, but that’s how Fantage works. -_-

so shy

Pebbles hatch from the Starter Egg.

Mumbo: Low light + Medium temperature

Weebo: Medium light + Warm temperature

Jimbo: High light + Medium temperature

Tombo: Low light + Cool temperature

Rumbo: High light + Cool temperature


Cosmos hatch from the Sunshine Egg.

Rocki: Low light + Warm temperature

Poofi: Medium light + Warm temperature

Sparkli: Medium light + Medium temperature

Charmi: Low light + Cool temperature

Beami: Highest light + Medium temperature


Fairies hatch from the Orange Star Egg.

Halo: High light + Warm temperature

Lolo: Highest light + Warm temperature

Mylo: Low light + Medium temperature

Ceelo: Medium light + Cool temperature

Shylo: Highest light + Cool temperature

my mouse was acting up so I had to recrop this -_-

Dinos hatch from the Spotted Egg.

Bubu: Medium light + Cool temperature

Chloe: Low light + Cool temperature

Tootsie: Medium light + Medium temperature

Bella: High light + Warm temperature

Bello: Lowest light + Warm temperature


Firepuffs hatch from the Fiery Orange Egg.

Scruffie: High light + Cool temperature

Punkie: Highest light + Medium temperature

Fluffie: Lowest light + Medium temperature

Pixie: High light + Warm temperature

Ashie: Low light + Warm temperature


Cuddlies hatch from the Olive Egg.

Zumi: Lowest light + Warm temperature

Feebi: High light + Medium temperature

Kiki: High light + Warm temperature

Leefi: Medium light + Cool temperature

Elli: Lowest light + Cold temperature

that one family that got its own game

Jellies hatch from the Cloudy Skies Egg.

Bloopie: Low light + Medium temperature

Razzle: High light + Warm temperature

Peachfuzz: Low light + Warm temperature

Jigglie: Highest light + Medium temperature

Goober: Low light + Cold temperature


Aeropuffs hatch from the Purple Madness Egg.

Turnip: High light + Cold temperature

Spinner: Highest light + Cool temperature

Nana: Lowest light + Cool temperature

Flora: Medium light + Medium temperature

Monko: Lowest light + Warm temperature

not Miku Hatsune

Barnacles hatch from the Red Ribbon Egg.

Chibu: Highest light + Cold temperature

Miku: Lowest light + Cool temperature

Karu: Highest light + Hot temperature

Jombu: Low light + Hot temperature

Zuzu: Highest light + Warm temperature

Minty is the greatest pet

Feathers hatch from the Secret Lock Egg.

Rakoon: Low light + Warm temperature

Puffy: Medium light + Hot temperature

Minty: Lowest light + Medium temperature

Snowball: High light + Cool temperature

Lovely: Low light + Cold temperature


Frosties hatch from the Frosty Egg.

Gilbert: Medium light + Cold temperature

Twinkle: Low light + Cool temperature

Wally: Highest light + Hot temperature

Shivers: Medium light + Warm temperature

Beeker: Lowest light + Hot temperature


Ribbons hatch from the Pointy Ribbon Egg.

Jojo: Low light + Hot temperature

Yoyo: Lowest light + Warm temperature

Robo: Medium light + Cool temperature

Pogo: Low light + Medium temperature

Bobo: Low light + Cold temperature


If you have extra Holiday Eggs, you can use them to hatch these pets!

Tom Tom: Low light + Medium temperature

Blizzy: Medium light + Cool temperature

Springy: High light + Warm temperature

Cotton: Low light + Warm temperature

Rosie: Medium light + Warm temperature

(Wow, these pets love warm temperatures…)


You can’t hatch Codies without their specific Magic Codes, but here are their pet codes anyway!

Cody Jr.: Low light + Medium temperature

Rose: High light + Warm temperature

Toby: Medium light + Warm temperature


On a serious note, we’ve had these same amount of pets for years. Sure they added the codies, but I think we need a new set. If any these are wrong, please tell me so I can correct them! With so many codes, I probably did have one of them incorrect.



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