Unicorn Adventure – Need Gems?

It’s the weekend, yay! Recently I had a horrible week. Lost student council election (only because that person who won was a boy), had to spend fourteen hours straight at school, my hamster passed away, and I have to study a lot. =_= No need to dump too many details of my life story, let’s get onto the event!

Most people usually have hundreds of gems, and meanwhile I barely have any. The reason for that being is because I rarely play those games, and if I do usually I sell those rare items at Lucky Bob’s, and then get the rare item back with my leftover gems. And in all honesty, you shouldn’t use eCoined gems (unless they’re sapphire) because even if you have all of them, you can literally sell those items at MyMall for Gold. Gold is better than saving time for an event and possibly only getting a sticker or nothing when using up a gem, in my opinion.


So if you’re one of those people like me (or you’re just starting out/don’t play these games) I have a great shortcut! 😉 It’s pretty easily actually, and will save you time!

Step 1: Go play Secret Adventure!

You can find that game with that huge blue portal in the tree, just click on it!

Step 2: Play the first level!

Step 3: Defeat all of the enemies!

Step 4: Go to the spiked chest, it should contain at least one gem each time!

Note: Don’t even worry about making it on time, you still get the stars, stickers, and gems even if you don’t complete it. 🙂

And there you have it! Quick, easy and efficient. (Takes a minute and 20 seconds at the most.) Enjoy your event!

I honestly hope that Fantage does something like this similar in the future, because a lot of people have so many gems and this is just an excellent way of using them all! (Especially eCoined sapphire gems.)

If you have any other ways of getting a lot of gems, tell me! Have a great weekend everybody! Hopefully your week didn’t suck as much as mine! Good luck getting those unicorn items! (So far I only got the shoes…)



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