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Daily Fashion – 10/31

Hey, guys! Fantage has been having problems for the past couple of days (at least for me), so I haven’t really gone on. And when I have, I’ve been stuck watching my inventory load. Really, it’s all been enough to make me sing this song a few times. Anyway, today we have another Daily Fashion post!

Today’s Topic: Halloween

so peaceful

Well, I know none of you were expecting THAT to be the theme. Dress in your spookiest clothes today – oranges, blacks, purples, whites, and yellows are definitely the way to go. If you’re going trick-or-treating, be sure to put on your best costume! Of course, Minty is optional, but he goes with everything. 😉

(And I know this picture was reused from my Halloween event post, but again, Fantage hasn’t been working for me today and I’m wearing the same thing right now anyway.)

Happy Halloween if you celebrate it! Be sure to stay safe if you’re going out, too!

– Marina


What Can I Wear With THIS: Plain Lime Sweater Edition

Sorry that I had no post for you guys the last two days, I’m extremely busy for the most part and my classes for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s run until 8 pm. (For those of you who don’t know, yes I’m in college.) Any who, my best friends know my favorite color is green, so today’s fashion post is dedicated to the plain lime sweater. And yes, I do use a lot of similar clothing, but everyone does have favorites and I don’t have too much considering I started this year, bare with me.

This first outfits is one of my favorite color combinations to do with a brighter green. It sort of looks playful, bright, and cheery. To get this look, its best to pair the shirt with pink and white of any sort.

Items in photo:

Lovely Winter Hat

Pink Bikini Bottoms

Jenny_light’s White Sneakers

Green Sparkler

The next one is a rather standard outfit and not my best, but I sadly don’t have a lot of blue or green clothing. This one is more of a standard style. To obtain this look, simply pair a color you think would go well with this shirt and add black to it.

Items in photo:

Bright Blue Hair

Pearl Leggings

Short Blue Boots

Pet Bag

Hip Glasses

Floral Wreath

Next one is more of a cute and glam plain look. In order to accomplish this sort of look, its really simple. All you have to do is pair like colors together with a girly hint, for example the girly hint in this is the skirt and shoes.

Items in photo:

Easter Gingersnap Hair

Green Ruffled Skirt

Mimimini17’s Unicorn Slippers

Pocket Watch

Clover Crown

Eh, sorry this isn’t my best work. It’s a little rushed. Back to being busy. Anyway, what outfit do you like? Is there any item you want to suggest?

Art Raffle Results!

Happy Halloween folks! Here are the results for the art raffle:


If I forgot you, I’ll automatically draw you something! Although you need to list proof by showing that you actually did reblog before the time this was posted. 😛

Oh, and if I didn’t spell your name as you wanted it, deal with it. :^)

Anyways, ColourfulShadows (I use UK spelling) I’ll draw you a crayon chibi once my pen tablet works! 🙂 Please give me a reference.

And since I’m so generous, I’ll draw Winx Club 5 and Katie a messy sketch, or just a crayon lineart.

And if you don’t claim in three days, I’ll give the prize to the next person on the list.

Have a great day out there trick or treating! Be safe, or you’ll never see the light of day again!

Quick Fantage Halloween Ideas!

Halloween is literally tomorrow. Can you believe it!? In real life, I’m being myself! And I’ll throw kids at candies! (You heard right!) No time to come up with a costume. If I had to be something, I’d like to be Wadanohara or Madotsuki. (You can search them up on your free time!)

However in Fantage, I still need an outfit! (Actually, I’ve decided to literally be pink Megaman Zero from the costume shop, or just wear a ton of Halloween items from previous Fantage events. (I wished that this year, they’d give more free Halloween items instead of the cat outfits, which to literally get everything you’d have to spend gold.)

halloween costumes

Anyways, some of you guys may need a costume on Fantage, and you probably don’t want to just wear a generic premade costume from the costume shop! (Or you just don’t have enough eCoins/stars to waste.) And, perhaps you haven’t been playing long enough to have Halloween outfits from previous events and not enough gold to purchase some items. Well here are some simple Halloween outfits you can create!

I’ve also came up with outfits for BOYS AND GIRLS ALIKE. Because no one ever makes outfits for guys. (Warning: The Halloween outfits for guys are literally jokes and they suck, haha…)


1. Tourist


This shouldn’t be too hard! Get a camera and dress up as if you were on vacation in the south. 🙂

2. Doll


The best part about this outfit is that you have a lot of freedom, depending on what kind of doll you want to be! I decided to be a formal doll with long beautiful hair, along with an adorable ribbon on top.

3. Candy


I don’t really have many candy related items, but you can get the point here. Just try your best to look like a citizen from Candyland!

4. Punk


Eh… I tried but you get the idea. A great use for that awful hairstyle that no one wants, and tries to sell at MyMall.

5. N00b (Past or Present)

(I don’t have a screencap of this, was too lazy LOL)

Not only do you dress up as one, but try to use the awful grammar they do too. 😉


1. A Generic Male High Schooler (Who is probably in the football team)

that one boy who gets all of the chicks

Outfit says everything.

2. Anthony Sullivan


If you don’t know who he is, he’s that one guy selling all of those cleaning products to your at home mother. He’s on a pig, featuring the hog wash. :^)

3. Ringabel (Bravely Default)


I… I tried. I think it’s kinda accurate? Really hard when you’re limited to Fantage outfits.

4. Seth


YES, YOU CAN FINALLY BE MY OC. :))))) (This is the closest I can do.)

Off Topic: In the middle of religion class I got too bored of what the teacher was saying so I decided to draw Seth instead of paying attention. Random fact: I actually pay better attention when I draw, instead of looking at something, because when I look at something and I’m uninterested I tend to zone out.

Here’s part of what I drew:





I’m literally too lazy right now to come up with more… Because this is Fantage, we’re limited SOO much it’s not even funny.

Oh, and if you don’t like any of these you could just do the generic animal, by putting on those unicorn headbands from the unicorn event earlier, and/or cat ears and a tail. :^)


Ways to Wear It – Haunted House Shirt

Marina’s here with another Halloween fashion post! Today, we’ll actually be looking at an item intended for Halloween. 😛

Today’s Item: Haunted House Shirt


This is one of those generic popular shirts that a lot of people want. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to find for a low price at MyMall! I got mine for 800 Gold, but you’ll be more likely to find it for 1000 Gold or more. (Also, I know it’s a starred item, but nonmembers can wear it, too! So don’t be afraid to buy it if you’re not a member. :P)

Since everyone knows what this shirt looks like with other generic popular items, I’m going to try not to use those in this post! I’m also going to try to keep these outfits somewhat Halloween-themed…unlike the outfits in yesterday’s post.

this hair looks good with this hair accessorythis post should be about styling the headband insteadI wish I had better hair for this

Yeah, I know the second outfit looks a little generic, but I tried, right? And that headband goes with a lot more hairstyles than I thought it did. 😛

Also, we’ve reached 1,000 views! I wouldn’t have mentioned this, but this blog has only been fully up and running for a week now. Since my own blog has only gotten 2,000 views in seven months, I really wasn’t expecting FM to get this many views so quickly. I guess I was mistaken…

So thanks for reading our posts and viewing this blog! Be sure to tell me which outfit you like best in the comments! And while I don’t think I have enough Halloween things for another Ways to Wear It post tomorrow, I’ll be sure to post another Halloween fashion post soon… 😉


Appreciation for the Original Eyes

All FantageMarianna admins are posting today, mwahahaha.

The original eyes on Fantage… Everybody hates them! No one ever uses them!

original fantage eyes

Random fact of the Day: The original eyes are my SECOND FAVOURITE eyes on Fantage. Before I knew about the premium membership eye trick, I would always have these eyes. My favourite ones are obviously the crystal blue eyes (I mean, why else would I have them?)

I don’t know about you guys, but I seriously like these eyes.

In fact, I’m now going to have these eyes for a week or whatever, because no one else uses them.

embrace my eyes

Yep, that’s me now folks. My eyes are gorgeous. ❤

Second Random fact of the Day: This was my signature outfit when I started playing Fantage again, in March 2015. (I stopped playing for two years, but I occasionally would go on when extremely bored.)

old outfit

I guess you can say I had a weird fantagian fashion taste, because I didn’t try to wear popular items AT ALL. I didn’t even know they existed until a month after I started blogging… (I don’t follow what’s trendy right now, guys.)

So guys, what eyes do you love that no one else likes? Do you guys actually like these eyes but just not enough to wear them? Comment down below!


What Can I Wear THIS With: Spiked Jacket Edition

Ohmykaito here. One of the fellow admins of this blog, Anna, has challenged me to the unthinkable. Making the Spiked Jackets look fashionable.  Of course, I accepted her challenge and I have tried my best. I will be using two different colors of these. In my opinion, from the vantage point of using these shirts for the first time, I notice that they’re more for the eccentric people and gothic style people. Let’s see how I did…

I’m going to be honest here, I think I rock this. Pun intended! This is more of a rocker girl style. In order to accomplish this style, and make sure these ugly shirts don’t go to waste, it’s best to pair this with some sort of boots and darker shorts.

Items in photo:

Beautiful Hairstyle

Muzzie2000’s Cool Shorts

Jenny_light’s White Sneakers

Blue Sparkler


Dark Crown

The next one gives me more of a hippy vibe, mixed with a little pink rock and girly fashion. To attempt a look like this, darker and thicker looking hair would be the best to use, unless your spikes are lighter than use a lighter hair, add some pastel flowers and darker jeans with dark shoes.

Items in photo:

Curly Brown Locks

Cool Blue Jeans

Short Black Boots

Pink Rose Whirlwind

Peach Glasses

Floral Wreath

I tried to use another color with the next two, in order to try and be of assistance to all the colors. The next one isn’t my best, but its a combination of girly/sugary and punk rock. It’s best to pair a more crazy hair style with all pink for this type of look.

Items in photo:

Crazy Blonde Pigtails

Ruffle Skirt with Gold Trim

Gianna4125’s Fancy Purple Shoes


Bluekirby123’s Disco Shades

Dark Crown

Honestly, the pink jackets were a lot harder. I’m not sure what I’d call this but I think I’d totally wear this. I think I’d call it a sort of pastel goth. In order to do this, you need a hair style that can fall under the steam punk category, pink shorts or just insanely short shorts of a brighter color and boots.

Items in photo:


Pink Bikini Bottoms

Warrior Shoes

That was…. an experience. Pro Tip: Try and match the spikes to hair colors to make them less noticeable. I think I made at least the black ones look amazing. My favorite style is absolutely the second one. How about you guys? What do you want to see next, any requests?

Ways to Wear It – Galactic Dress

Hey, everyone! So I’m sure you’ve all read this post of mine by now, and if you haven’t, I just linked to it. I talked about having a few Halloween-themed fashion posts, and this is one of them! Today’s item isn’t specifically Halloween-related, but the color scheme and the look of the item in general make it a great choice for the season. 😉

Today’s Item: Galactic Dress


This dress was a prize from the Light Up event back in July, so I’m sure most of you have it! If not, you can try to get it at MyMall. 😛

Since the dress is so formal, I’m going to try to dress it up a bit. I’m also going to wear the Black Feather Board in all these outfits, because it goes so well with the dress and it’s the only nice black board I have.

I am totes not CaseyI am totes not Coralinea lot of black

These are what I’d wear with the dress! I know they’re not very Halloween-y, but I really don’t have a lot of Halloween things. Besides, you can wear these year-round. 😉

I also know I’m wearing a lot of popular hairstyles in these pictures, but you can find other hair at Stellar Salon that looks just as good. Go ahead and experiment to find out what works best for you!

Which outfit is your favorite?

Daily Fashion – 10/27

Hey, it’s Marina! Since the best time to make a post on a blog is when the other authors have already posted three times in the same day, here’s another Daily Fashion post for you! 😉

Today’s Topic: Generic Nonconformity

this hair still has crappy shading but whatever

Have you ever wanted to wear your BB, CC, or frisky hair, but with an outfit that doesn’t make you feel like you’re copying countless other Fantagians? Well, then, this post is for you! Instead of that same old graphic tee and shorts with your hair, put on a cute dress – it doesn’t even have to be from MyMall! Or if you love the Peace Out Tee, try pairing it with some jeans or a flowy skirt (White Red Skirt, anyone?) for more of a classic “hippie” look. Some “generic popular girl” outfit pieces will be easier to style than others, but there’s more than one way to wear everything!

Have a great day, and make sure to look out for a few upcoming Halloween-themed fashion posts courtesy of yours truly! 😉

– Marina

Requested: What Can I Wear THIS With: Stylish Look

Personally this has GOT to be one of my favorite hairstyles on Fantage, so I’m very excited about this request. This was requested by: ColourfulShadows.

The first outfit is a super basic style, or it can double as a winter style. To do this sort of style it’s best to pair the hair with darker shades and simple clothing.  Or if you want to have more of a winter effect, pair it with longer clothing.

Items in photo:

Military Jacket

Pearl Leggings

Short Black Boots

School Bag

Hip Glasses

Gold Earrings

The next look is more of a glam style, as this hair style can easily fit something more glamorous if its paired with darker clothes. To achieve this style, pair the hair with darker dresses and short boots.

Items in photo:

Galactic Dress

Short Black Boots

Cool Sparkles

Pink Heart Earrings

Of course, a type of hairstyle such as this one wouldn’t be complete without a girly style, as this hair has a girly notation to it. This look is a lot simpler and a lot like the Short Brown Ponytail pastel look. Only to achieve one with this such hairstyle, the hat and blonde hair go better with pastel pink or purple colors and white or black.

Items in photo:

Pink Fringe Shirt

Cute White Shorts

Beach Flip Flops

Pink Rose Whirlwind

Pink Heart Earrings

Well, I hope this has helped you try and come up with ideas on how to wear this hair. If anyone else has a suggestion, please leave the name and where it comes from below, also a picture would be helpful!